And they're making a cheese advent calendar, too!

By Stacey Leasca
August 15, 2018
Credit: Anfisa Kameneva/EyeEm/Getty Images

It may only be August, but somehow Aldi has us craving the holidays already.

In 2017, the supermarket chain had everyone all up in a tizzy over its wine advent calendar, which came with 24 miniature bottles of wine to help people get through — er, celebrate — the holiday season.

"Every day offers a new mini bottle of wine for an evening indulgence in the lead-up to Christmas," Aldi's site explained at the time. "There's no better advent calendar out there."

Sadly, that calendar was only available to U.K. residents. But, it appears the chain got the memo that Americans like wine because, according to Kitchn, the store will be bringing its wine advent calendar stateside for 2018. Oh, and it's adding in a cheese advent calendar to boot.

As Kitchn explained, it got an exclusive first peek at the wine calendar, which will cost $69.99 and will again hold 24 mini bottles of wine. And that, my thirsty holiday friends, is a pretty great deal as it works out to just about $3 per bottle. Or, if you want to think of it another way, it also equates to about six full bottles of wine. Those wine varietals include red, white, rosé, and sparkling, meaning there really is something for everyone inside.

The cheese calendar will only set shoppers back $12.99, and will include 24 different mini imported kinds of cheese. Kitchn noted it includes cheddar, Gouda, Edam, and more.

Both calendars will be available for purchase starting Nov. 7 — only in states where selling alcohol in supermarkets is legal — and they're expected to sell out fast. But, if you can’t get your hands on these suckers fast enough you could always make your own.