U.K. Cracks Down on Drunk Passengers With Proposal to Put Alcohol in Sealed Bags

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There are many reasons why a flight could have a disruptive passenger on board, but one of the most common is too much alcohol.

According to the Civil Aviation Authority in the U.K., one in six people have witnessed aggressive behavior on flights in the last three years. One way the British government is cracking down on disruptive, and particularly drunken, passengers is by proposing all alcohol bought in airports be sealed in plastic bags.

At the moment, according to the Daily Mail, sealed bags are already in use, but only for passengers on international flights.

While it’s not true that people can get drunk quicker on a flight, it is still true that both the cabin air and alcohol can dehydrate you, which can significantly affect a passenger’s health if they drink too much. It’s also not a good game plan if you want to get a restful sleep while flying.

In addition to the sealed bags, the British government is considering more extreme punishments for people who disrupt flights due to drunkenness.

Currently, a person is still prohibited from being drunk on a plane in the U.K., despite being able to drink their own alcohol and being able to order as many drinks as they wish. Punishment can include up to two years in prison and an unlimited fine, according to the Scotsman. U.K. officials are also considering adopting a policy prohibiting passengers from drinking their own alcohol, as well.

The new measures will be discussed this fall, and most likely put into effect early next year.

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