You Can Kayak Among Giant Glaciers and Humpback Whales in Alaska

Liquid Adventures Glacier Kayaking Northwestern Fjords
Photo: Courtesy of Liquid Adventures

Now you can get a more personal view of gargantuan glaciers from your own kayak.

Liquid Adventures, a tour group that specializes in kayaking and paddle boarding adventures in Seward, Alaska, is now offering day trips via catamaran to either Aialik Bay or the Northwestern Fjord.

“We're incredibly excited to offer this experience to people who really want to see the best of Alaska glacier kayaking,” Liquid Adventures co-owner Ryan Fisher told Travel Weekly. “The Northwestern Fjord is a favorite among our guides, Alaskans, and experienced sea kayakers for its remoteness and rugged beauty.”

“While Aialik Bay is a popular destination for visitors, it is often crowded with other kayakers, boats and cruise ships,” he added.

Previously, tours in these areas were usually only available by water taxi, but on these tours, guests can see glaciers, waterfalls, cliffs, and humpback whales from their own personal kayaks – which means it can be a customized experience.

Liquid Adventures Glacier Kayaking Northwestern Fjords
Courtesy of Liquid Adventures

The Aialik/Northwestern Explorer day trip, which lasts about 10 hours, costs $399 per person, and groups are never larger than six people. The tour provides paddle shoes and gloves, kayak gear, a drybag, a waterproof bag for your phone, and a homemade lunch.

For more details, visit the Liquid Adventures website.

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