A flight above the clouds
Credit: Bibhash Banerjee/Getty Images

A village in India was confounded over the weekend when a mysterious 22-pound chunk of ice fell from the sky.

Although some believed that it was a meteorological phenomenon, an investigation revealed that it was a frozen slab of human excrement, dropped from a plane traveling overhead.

“There was a big thud and people of the village came running out of their homes to find out what had happened," a senior official in the area told the BBC. "Some villagers thought it was an extra-terrestrial object. Others thought it was some celestial rock and I've heard that they took samples home.”

The stone was “ice cold with a transparent surface,” according to the Times of India. According to the report, some residents of Fazilpur Badli village in Gurgaon took chunks of the rock home and kept them in their fridges to maintain the temperature.

After the investigation, residents were “disappointed” to discover that the landing was not a meteor.

The gift from the sky was determined to be blue ice, a mixture of chemicals and human waste collected by an airplane bathroom. While airplanes are designed to keep this mix contained and separate from other parts of the aircraft, leaks do occur.

The British Civil Aviation Authority estimates that out of 2.5 million flights over UK airspace every year, there are 25 “blue ice” falls.