Airplane passenger without shoes
Credit: Jason Hosking/Getty Images

It’s amazing that this needs to be said more than once, but: No one, we repeat no one, wants to see your bare feet on a plane. Even a pair of flip flops or slippers or even just plain socks are more acceptable than bare feet.

But, there are still a lot of people out there who are just not up to date on airplane etiquette. Even though a recent study revealed that having bare feet is more acceptable amongst Millennial travelers, the overall consensus from participants showed that 55 percent of American adults insist that we keep our shoes on — for the greater good.

Of course, some people go even further than just taking off their shoes on flights. They go into the realm of foot grooming as well.

A recent video from the Instagram account Passenger Shaming shows a passenger who is not only barefoot but also picking at the dead skin around his soles with his pinky.

Warning for anyone who is about to watch: This video truly has some cursed energy and is not for the faint of heart, or stomach.

“All kinds of NOPE happening up in hurrrr…” it says in the video’s caption.

The passenger’s face is cropped out, which is probably for the best because the comments left by other users on the video are a smattering of disgust, anger, and confusion.

“I’m not ok when I see this,” said one commenter. “The fact that they sit there, record and just take it on the chin is crazy,” said another.

One commenter noted that this situation is why they sit in first class, of course, that’s not always an option for most travelers. Although, there is no rule that says first-class passengers do not also violate etiquette on planes.

Many users began to debate whether it would be appropriate to say something in this situation or simply ask to be moved. Overall, commenters seemed to be split on the best approach. While many would simply move and not say anything in order to be “polite,” others said they would definitely ask the man to stop or even bribe him to stop.

Usually, being calm and polite is a good way to solve a problem, even in a situation like this.