Here's what you can expect onboard.

air france joon
Credit: Getty Images/Bloomberg

Millennials have a new way to travel in style when Air France’s new airline Joon starts operating flights this Friday, December 1.

Made for fliers between the ages of 18 and 35, Joon will start by offering medium-haul flights out of Paris’ Charles de Gaulle International Airport to European hotspots like Barcelona, Berlin, Lisbon, and Porto this Friday, starting at $46 one-way.

In March of 2018, the airline will also offer $46 one-way flights to Istanbul, Naples, Oslo, and Rome.

Meanwhile, long-haul flights to Fortaleza, Brazil, and the Seychelles will arrive in the summer of 2018 and start at $293 one-way.

While Joon’s inter-European flights come at an affordable price, the airline isn’t distinctly a budget carrier, and is focusing more on providing tech-savvy travelers a more enjoyable travel experience in the skies.

The airline is targeting amenities like virtual reality headsets and free Wi-FI toward travelers “whose lifestyles revolve around digital technology,” which is why you’ll also find USB charging ports on every seat and a built in in-flight streaming program that lets you watch your favorite shows and movies on any of your devices.

Passengers will also find adjustable headsets on seats, programs from Viceland and RedBullTV, and dining offerings that include organic apricot compote, quinoa salad with chestnuts, and baobab juice.

air france joon
Credit: Getty Images/Bloomberg

Air France launched the airline in July of this year as a way to cut costs, which it will do by providing cabin crew rates that will be 40 percent less than those of Air France, according to Bloomberg.

While some see the focus on millennial travel as innovative, other frequent fliers and travelers are critical about whether that’s the best focus for the airline to be taking.

The airline is also planning to offer flights from the U.S., though it’s still in the process of determining what the scheduling and pricing would look like for these routes.