Flying in an Airbus A350 is one of the most unique aviation experiences available to passengers today. The aircraft is renowned not only for its technological advancements under the hood but for a host of innovative features designed to make the passenger experience more comfortable.

It can also perform some impressive aeronautical tricks.

Footage from the Innovation and Leadership in Aerospace (ILA) convention in Berlin shows an A350 taking off in a near-vertical ascent.

In less than five seconds, the plane’s wheels lift from the ground and the nose points almost directly up to the sky.

This specific aircraft — an A350-900XWB — has a full cabin onboard but it doesn’t usually carry passengers, according to The Points Guy. Airbus uses this aircraft for air shows, relief flights, and as a testing ground for cabin modifications. With passengers onboard, the aircraft ascends at a much more gentle incline.

Airbus has produced and delivered 167 of the aircraft, but there still aren’t many in the United States. The two largest purchasers of the aircraft are Cathay Pacific and Qatar Airways, each with 22. Delta became the first U.S. airline to operate flights onboard the A350 last year, with direct flights from Detroit to Asia. By this summer, Delta will fly the A350 from Detroit, Atlanta, and Los Angeles.