Airbnb has vineyard accommodations for cheap.
Credit: Westend61/Getty Images

Vineyards and wineries around the country will celebrate National Wine Day on Friday, May 25.

In honor of the day, Airbnb is offering wine lovers the opportunity to book book vino-centric experiences for only $1.

Through the “experiences” section of the Airbnb site, travelers can book last-minute celebrations of National Wine Day, including tastings, guided walks and winery tours.

While some may immediately think of California’s Napa or Sonoma valleys as the best American wine destinations, Airbnb is highlighting some up-and-coming vineyards and wineries around the country.

For less than the price of coffee, those in Boston this weekend can book a wine tour around the city with a certified wine educator, including visits to speciality boutiques and historical sites. In Austin, travelers can walk around a vineyard with a vintner, learning about Texans produce their wines. In Los Angeles, spend time outdoor with a picnic, wine tasting and live music. Those in the capital can escape the energy of D.C. and spend the afternoon relaxing in the lush Virginia countryside with a glass of locally-produced wines.

In honor of National Wine Day, Airbnb has also produced a “Wine Report,” featuring a round-up of the strongest wine regions in North America. While most of the strong wine regions in the U.S. are on the West Coast (three in California and one in Oregon), according to Airbnb, wine enthusiasts should also check out the blends available from Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley, New York’s Finger Lakes, and Texas Hill Country. And for those who want to trek out of the country, Airbnb says that Canada’s Prince Edward County, Okanagan Valley, and Niagara region provide plenty of tastings and trails.