Airbnb Announces Rules for New Year's Eve Bookings to Prevent Rowdy Parties

If you want to ring in 2022 in an Airbnb, you now need to have a history of positive reviews.

Airbnb is doubling down on its party policy to prevent guests from hosting rowdy events this New Year's Eve. In a company announcement released today, the home rental platform outlined the measures, putting restrictions on stays of two nights or less over the holiday.

At the crux of the new policies, which go into effect today, guests who book a one-night stay on Dec. 31 at Airbnb properties listed as entire homes must have a history of positive reviews. Additionally, for two-night stays, restrictions will also be in place using the company's technology to prevent potentially disruptive guests. That includes cutting down on last-minute bookings for those without a positive review history. While the exact determination of positive reviews wasn't specified, the threshold is the anchor of the New Year's Eve policy, which will apply to all properties in the U.S., including Puerto Rico, as well as Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, New Zealand, Spain, and the U.K.

The plan was tested last year in a pilot program during which about 243,000 guests were met with these restrictions. "We estimate that these efforts achieved our objectives of reducing disruptive parties," the company said in its announcement, adding that Puerto Rico, Brazil, and New Zealand were not part of the testing last year.

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"Health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control, recognize that some short-term rentals may offer a safer travel experience relative to hotels, without the risk of common spaces like lobbies or dining halls," Airbnb said in its statement. "We know that taking full advantage of this opportunity for our host community means continuing to put public health first while encouraging safe and responsible travel."

The New Year's Eve restrictions are on top of Airbnb's global party ban, which was introduced in 2020 and restricts gatherings of more than 16 people in a rental, as well as all disruptive parties and events. Those who violate these measures will face suspension or permanent removal from the platform.

"As we build upon the party ban and continue to protect our community during this unprecedented time, certain holidays, such as New Year's Eve, attract higher risks of unauthorized or disruptive parties," the company added. "That's why we're introducing new products and policies to crack down on disruptive NYE parties, helping to protect our hosts and minimizing neighborhood disruption."

Similar restrictions were put into place on the Fourth of July and Halloween this year. Both were determined to be successful, though Airbnb adds that they are "continuously exploring other opportunities around the globe to introduce this type of initiative, in addition to continued investment in our other robust party prevention systems."

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