Airbnb Extends 'Party Ban' Rules Through End of Summer

The home-sharing site will continue to limit bookings from guests younger than 25 or guests with negative reviews.

Ahead of Memorial Day weekend, Airbnb announced it will extend its ban on certain bookings and guests to prevent house parties through the end of the summer.

"We are announcing the extension of the ban through at least the end of Summer 2021 [...] to be as direct as possible that we will not tolerate behavior that disrupts neighborhoods or violates the trust of our Host community," Airbnb announced in a press release on Thursday. "At the end of summer 2021, we will provide another update on the future of the policy.

The ban initially announced in August 2020, prevents guests aged 24 and younger with less than three positive reviews from booking an entire house close to where they lived. (These guests were still able to book homes outside of their area or any private room through Airbnb.) This protocol applies to guests in the U.S., Canada, UK, France, and Spain."

Additionally, Airbnb announced last month that they would block guests with bad reviews from booking entire homes for one night during the 4th of July holiday weekend. The company released an eight-point "Summer of Responsible Travel" plan that includes a discount for hosts to purchase noise detection devices and an agreement to health and safety codes that all hosts and guests must sign.

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As part of the ban, Airbnb has also removed the "event-friendly" search filter for listings and removed any "parties and events allowed" House Rules in listings.

The homeshare company has also implemented a Neighborhood Support Line which "provides a forum for neighbors to report issues or concerns directly to Airbnb regarding disruptive parties."

When talking about the ban with Yahoo last month, Airbnb CEO Brain Chesky said, "We want to be really good community players all over the world."

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