Airbnb Great Wall of China
Credit: Courtesy of Airbnb

Just a few days after announcing it would host a pop-up at the Great Wall of China, Airbnb was forced to cancel as local authorities claim they were never notified of the event.

Last week, Airbnb announced a contest wherein four winners and their guests would get to stay overnight at the Great Wall of China. They called it the world’s first sleepover at the world wonder.

But on Monday night the Beijing Yanqing Cultural Commission, a government agency that operates the section of the wall where the Airbnb was to be, said it did not support the pop-up because it “is not in line with the Great Wall’s heritage conservation values,” according to the South China Morning Post.

In a statement on Tuesday, Airbnb said they “made the decision to not move forward with this event and instead we are working on a range of other experiences and initiatives that showcase China as a destination and highlight how people-to-people travel can drive human connections.”

“We were excited to promote the Great Wall and Chinese cultural heritage with our Night At The Great Wall and while there was an agreement in place that was the basis for the announcement of this event, we deeply respect the feedback we have received,” the statement said.

Airbnb said one of the goals of the contest was to “highlight how everyone can play a part in honoring and preserving this incredible piece of world history.”

The event was planned in partnership with the Beijing Badaling Tourism Company. Airbnb said the two organizations are still working together to plan future events.