After landing in some hot water over mishandling some passengers’ bicycles on the cargo hold ramp, AirAsia’s bag handlers have found a unique way of telling their customers that their luggage is being handled with the utmost care.

An AirAsia employee named Mohd Amir Izzat posted several photos on Facebook of fellow baggage handlers hugging and kissing passengers’ baggage as it is being loaded onto planes.

Izzat wrote in the Facebook post caption: “DEAR BAG," DOESN'T MATTER HOW WEIGHT IS THE BAG WAS, WE WILL HANDLE WITH KISS AND CARE......LOVE YOU BAG,” adding, “We all apologies from all our mistake before...stay tuned with Airasia.”

The post from March 26 has received more than 9,600 shares and 2,500 comments. Despite the huge reach, the customer reaction to the pictures has been mixed.

Some customers, like "New Jersey Gal," thought the humorous, though fairly bizarre, pictures were a nice, fun gesture, writing, “You guys are darn cute. Just love it.”

Others, like Siti Azmah Binti Abdullah, didn’t take the photos quite as kindly, writing, “So sarcastic. No need to kiss the bag just handle it like a human being and not in an animalistic way. However, they only kiss the bag while posing taking pictures only. Right after that they will be bck to their normal old ways. Cross my fingers.”

Some just didn’t like the idea of bag-love at all — joke or not. User Loni Lee wrote, “PLS DONT DO THIS TO MY BAGS.”

AirAsia’s CEO had already apologized for the incident that took place earlier in March. CEO Riad Asmat said in a video on the company’s Facebook page, “As a cyclist myself, I was pretty disturbed when I saw the actions of our staff. Rest assured, we've taken action. We are looking into the matter very seriously and stern action will be taken accordingly. I hope we will continue to improve ourselves. Attention has been put into this particular example.”

According to The Independent, the company is waiving baggage fees for handling bicycles for the month of April.

As for other bags, there’s also probably no charge for the extra kiss and hug.