Airport Terminal
Credit: Tim Griffith/Getty Images

Airline passengers hate flying more than ever before — but nothing has really changed about it.

The results from the new UK Aviation Consumer Survey revealed that fewer passengers are satisfied with the quality of service onboard flights, but very few people believe that air travel is getting worse.

Perhaps it’s a twist on an old adage: The more things stay the same, the more dissatisfaction we feel.

Over the past two years, satisfaction with the overall travel experience has slipped from 90 percent to 83 percent, according to the survey. Satisfaction with onboard service fell from 81 percent to 77 percent.

At the same time, passengers are more likely to believe that flying is getting better than worse. The majority of people (53 percent) thought that flying now is about the same as it’s been. Another 29 percent thought it was getting better.

The two most important factors for good travel were deemed to be the actual in-flight experience and baggage collection at the destination airport. Runners up were the airport experience and the value for money.

Delays and travel disruption appeared to be the two largest causes of dissatisfaction for passengers. “Delays and disruption can be caused by a range of different factors,” Tim Johnson, Director at the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) said in a statement. “Some of these are within the control of airlines, and some are not. Whatever the cause, these delays can be frustrating for passengers. We expect airlines to always provide prompt and accurate information and if passengers are entitled to further care and compensation, this should be provided without delay.”

However, more than ever, passengers feel their complaints are being dealt with properly. The survey recorded an all-time high of satisfaction with complaint handling. However that record high is still only 64 percent.