The airline's SkyCouch just got even better.
Air New Zealand Skycouch with Kids Belts
Credit: Courtesy of Air New Zealand

Flying with children can be difficult and headache-inducing, especially for parents on long-haul flights who desperately need their little ones to go down for a nap.

But for parents on Air New Zealand, the company’s add-on, SkyCouch, has been a small comfort. Originally released in 2010, the flexible seating option turns a row of seats into a small bed for people to lay down on. The company has been gradually adding SkyCouch as an option for more and more planes ever since its debut.

And now, the company is adding yet another important feature that is particularly beneficial to passengers traveling with small children. SkyCouch’s new addition, a special infant harness and belt that allows them to lie down flat while the plane is in the air, will give a lot of parents peace of mind.

Plus, the airline is introducing an infant pod that looks more like a plane-sized bassinet, and retooling its already available Cuddle Belt, which previously only allowed two adults or one adult and one child to use it at a time. The new version allows for two children to lie down side-by-side.

While the SkyCouch certainly provides a more comfortable space for airplane sleepers, it’s still not exactly the same as lying flat in a business class seat. But it is more convenient than having your kids stay up all night or forcing them to try to sleep sitting up when they aren't used to it.

SkyCouch, with all its new attachments, is available on long-haul flights on Boeing 777s and 787-9s, and comes in three sizes. It also comes with a pretty hefty extra fee of between $300 and $800.

More information can be found on the Air New Zealand website.