By Alison Fox
February 07, 2020
Air New Zealand plane
Credit: Getty Images

These Air New Zealand flight attendants give a whole new meaning to the term "in-flight entertainment" with their amazing singing voices over the PA system — leading some passengers to even join in.

It all started when a flight attendant picked up the intercom phone to sing an impressive version of Simon & Garfunkel’s classic “Cecilia,” which was then posted to the airline’s Facebook page on Jan. 23: “Singing our way into the weekend…”

“If you know the song, please sing along,” the flight attendant — named Cecilia — told delighted passengers who giggled as some joined in.

After the rousing performance (and some much deserved applause) she launched right back into her day job, telling passengers to ensure their seatbelts were fastened and tray tables folded away.

Former passengers recognized the flight attendant’s infectious attitude and commented on the Facebook post that they, too, had flown with her.

“We had Cecilia on our flight from Whangarei to Auckland. She was awesome and she sung us her song,” a Facebook user wrote. “Every time I hear that song, it makes me smile.”

And another added that she flew with the flight attendant as well, adding she had “Great vocals!! Loved the vibe in our small plane, you made our trip home a happy one.”

Cecelia has been touched by the responses, according to Lonely Planet.

“I’ve spoken to the flight attendant Cecilia who’s told me that she will be keeping the singing up!” a representative said.

But that’s not where the talent at Air New Zealand ends. On Jan. 27, the airline posted a second video (aptly titled “Another rising star”) of a second musical flight attendant.

Speaking over the intercom, he promised passengers something “a little bit special” before launching into an impressive rendition of “Amazing Grace” in both English and Japanese. Several people in the aisles can be seen standing and recording the performance.

It should be no surprise that Air New Zealand is striking a chord with customers -- the airline did win’s best airline for 2020 designation, which takes into account everything from safety to amenities and fun entertainment.

It’s also not the first time a flight attendant has gotten musical: In October, a Southwest flight attendant sang the safety instructions to the tune of “The Jeffersons” theme song. And let’s not forget the Southwest flight attendant who in 2016 channeled his inner Looney Tunes to give a speech prior to landing.