And you could win a trip to the Great Barrier Reef after trying it out.

Whitehaven beach, Whitsunday, Queensland, Australia
Credit: Joao Inacio/Getty Images

Your face is now your best travel tool.

Air New Zealand has developed a program that will analyze your facial reactions to different sites and attractions in Queensland, Australia. After analyzing facial cues, the service will then create an itinerary of recommended locations in New Zealand.

Those considering a trip should log onto the Queensland Emotion Scanner to begin. The website will connect to a device’s camera and ask users to smile and recreate a “surprised” face. The Emotion Scanner will then play a series of videos depicting scenes from Queensland and monitor as the user’s face changes.

At the end of the video, users can see which activities made their face change the most and receive recommendations on how to book a trip.

“Using facial recognition technology in this way is a first for Air New Zealand and is an exciting way for us to engage with our customers and show them some Queensland experiences that they may not have previously considered,” Annabelle Fowler, Air New Zealand’s general manager of market development and retail sales, said in a statement.

After watching the video, users can enter to win a trip to the Great Barrier Reef through Feb. 22.

Air New Zealand is active in exploring facial scanning technology. Last year, the airline debuted an in-flight HoloLens program for flight attendants that could help them better understand how passengers were feeling.