It's been a tough few days for Air India.

By Lila Battis
December 22, 2015
Bloomberg via Getty Images

In terrible news for both nervous fliers and nervous drivers, there's a whole new disaster possibility to fuel your phobias: A shuttle bus crashed into an Air India plane at the Kolkata airport yesterday when the driver fell asleep at the wheel, proving that even idling on the tarmac can end in disaster (even so, the flight is still the safest part of your trip). The vehicle got stuck under the wing of the aircraft, severely damaging one plane engine and one bus in the process. Luckily, the plane was empty at the time and there were no injuries, but that likely won't stop the scenario from popping up on your go-to guilty pleasure medical drama.

It's the latest in a series of troubles for the airline: On Sunday, Air India stopped 19 students traveling to San Francisco from boarding the flight after U.S. authorities deported a previous group of students from the same universities. That action saved the students from facing immediate deportation and return flight expenses upon arrival in SFO, but in waiving the fees and refunding the students' tickets, the airline took a financial hit. And last Wednesday, an Air India engineer was tragically killed in Mumbai when a miscommunication with the pilot resulted in his being sucked into the engine of an aircraft as it pushed back from the gate. The pilot and co-pilot were suspended as the incident is under investigation.

If you'll be flying Air India anytime soon, be extra nice to your crew members, kay? These folks could use a few good days.