By John Scarpinato
March 09, 2016
Drone almost hits Air France Plane
Credit: Getty Images

Just when you think you’ve heard it all, someone goes and tries to hide a baby in their carry-on. According to French news website, a passenger sitting near the rear of Air France’s flight 1891 from Istanbul to Paris alerted a flight attendant after he saw his neighbor’s bag moving. Upon opening the bag, the flight attendant was shocked to find an infant.

Fortunately, the baby was reported as being okay after spending more than half of the route in a cloth bag. After discovery, the cabin crew escorted the woman and the child to the front of the plane where they sat for the remainder of the flight.

Questions still remain as to why the woman felt the need to keep the child in her bag, and a spokesperson for Air France has thus far said little more than employees discovered "a child hidden in a bag without a valid transport ticket." French authorities were requested upon landing and investigators are still looking into the incident.