By Cailey Rizzo
March 06, 2019
Air Canada planes at airport
Credit: Frank Carter/Getty Images

An Air Canada pilot ordered 23 pizzas to the tarmac after his passengers were stranded for hours on an aircraft.

Air Canada Flight 608 departed Toronto on Monday afternoon with every intention of reaching Halifax, Nova Scotia two hours later. But, because it’s March in Canada, a snowstorm blocked the flight from landing at its destination and forced a reroute to Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The Airbus A320 couldn’t reach a gate at Fredericton Airport because other aircraft had also diverted there. It was unclear how long the passengers would be stranded in the aircraft, which did not have any scheduled meal service because of its intended short flight time.

The captain of the plane called nearby Minglers Restaurant and Pub, ordering 23 large cheese and pepperoni pizzas to the plane. The delivery arrived about an hour later.

"He wanted everyone to know that it was the whole crew, that he couldn't have done it without the crew,” passenger Philomena Hughes told CBC News. “There was lots of help, there were a couple of Air Canada Jazz pilots that were travelling on the plane and they were helping to pick up the pizza and distribute it. Everybody chipped in, so he didn't want to take the whole credit for himself.”

The passengers were stuck on the plane for about eight hours, Hughes told CBC.

This is not the first time that a pilot has offered pizza to stranded passengers as a gesture of goodwill. In September, the pilot of an American Airlines flight stranded at Wichita Falls Airport in Texas ordered 40 pizzas from Papa Johns.