By Cailey Rizzo
August 01, 2018

An Aeromexico flight crashed shortly after taking off from Durango, Mexico on Tuesday. Although there were 85 injuries, including two critical, no fatalities have been reported.

Aeromexico Flight 2431 was scheduled to fly from Durango to Mexico City on Tuesday, carrying 99 passengers and four crew members. Shortly after takeoff from General Guadalupe Victoria International Airport, the aircraft crashed and erupted in flames just beyond the runway.

Of those injured during the crash, 49 were transported to the hospital. Two people, including one of the pilots, are reported to be in critical condition.


"The control tower noticed strong wind currents and this could have caused the accident," Durango Gov. José R. Aispuro said at a press conference.

A gust of wind hit the Embraer 190 aircraft during takeoff, causing the left wing to skid against the ground. The aircraft was reported to hit the ground nose first, seriously injuring the pilot. Both engines knocked off the plane as it rammed to a landing about 1,000 feet from the runway.


Passengers were able to escape the plane via emergency slide before the aircraft burst into flames.

"We started picking up speed and then it started getting windier,” passenger Juan Rivera told ABC News. “She tried to pick up, then went back down. That happened like three times, bro. And then the third time we bounced we hit like a barrier."

The incident is currently under investigation, but the Mexican Civil Aviation Authority said it could take several months to reach a conclusion.