The best part: everything's under $5.

By Siobhan Reid
December 14, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of 7-11

Between the endless hours of sitting, the irregular bathroom breaks, and the junk food, it’s hard to look and feel your best on a long road trip.

And while there’s no quick fix for the aforementioned woes, a new cosmetics line from beloved convenience store 7-Eleven promises to make your car travels slightly more, well, beautiful.

Credit: Courtesy of 7-11

Called Simply Me Beauty, the 40-product line makes it possible to fill up on gas and shop for your perfect shade of red lipstick all under one roof. But it gets better: Every product in the line, from lip gloss and faux eyelashes to beauty blenders and nail buffing kits, is under $5 — even the lightweight, SPF 15 BB Cream.

Of the products we tested, our favorites were the makeup-removing wipes, the lip crayon, which comes in a universally flattering scarlet hue, and the blotting papers — a must for combating shine on the road.

Credit: Courtesy of 7-11

And while we’ll probably stick to our drugstore favorites for day-to-day wear, we’re relieved to know where to go in the event of a beauty emergency on the road.