Fifty Shades of Grey
Credit: AF archive/Alamy Stock Photo

The world is just days away from the release of the third and final Fifty Shades film. For some fans, the thought of living without Christian and Anastasia Grey is just too much to handle. But, fear not, as the franchise is opening a pop-up museum so people can get an up close and personal look at the characters' lives.

Yes, a very sexy, close look.

Fans in Los Angeles (or those willing to travel) are invited to enter F I F T Y, a three-day event running Friday, Feb. 2 to Sunday, Feb. 4 at The House on Sunset in West Hollywood. There, they can literally get immersed in the scenes from the film.

“The world of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele will be brought to life in F I F T Y, a pop-up experience with six artfully designed rooms inspired by the Fifty Shades phenomenon,” Universal Pictures said in a statement. “The immersive installation will feature custom art pieces, along with costumes and props from the film.”

While the pop-up experience has become a fixture of entertainment promotion, mastered by the likes of HBO for their “Game of Thrones Exhibition” experience in New York, people seem a little more weary of just how, um, intimate, they’ll be able to get with this one.

"Coming to LA: A pop up art installation that I can only imagine will include an Instagrammable Red Room of Pain and promotional ben wa balls,” Jen Yamato of the LA Times tweeted. “Or as one email describes: ‘the Fifty Shades of Grey version of the Museum of Ice Cream.’”

But hey, if you’re willing to enter the dungeon odds are you’d be cool with a red room and ben wa walls.

Or, if this all seems a bit too intimidating for you, you could always join one of the other pop-up experiences around LA, including a screening of all three Fifty Shades films showing at a number of theaters around the city. These trilogy showings, and the final film’s release, are going down Feb. 8. So you still have time to consider if you want to sign that contract.