By Andrea Romano
August 30, 2019
Glass of milk
Credit: Getty Images

It can be hard being a three-year-old. Especially when your parents forget your favorite drink.

According to the Metro, toddler Myla Anderson decided she wasn’t going to sit idly by when her parents, Ben and Sophie, told her they forgot to pack her milk when they went for a family swim at their hotel pool in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

But instead of crying or making a fuss, as a toddler might understandably do in this situation, Myla took her fate into her own hands, sidled up to the poolside bar, and sat down on a bar stool with the air of confidence of an old barfly.

It’s as if she’s saying, “Barkeep. Milk. Straight up. And make it snappy.”

Of course, according to her father, Ben Anderson, on Twitter, Myla was far more polite to the bartender than that, but you can definitely see the determination (or, perhaps, annoyance) on her face. He posted a video of the little girl patiently waiting for her beverage on Twitter, saying, “My daughter is actually something else.”

According to Anderson’s account, Myla originally asked for a bottle of milk, but the bartender told her that they didn’t have bottles, only glasses.

She apparently responded, coolly, “A glass is fine.”

There are full-grown adults who don’t even have the confidence of this tiny child.

According to the Metro, Anderson said the bartender was incredibly kind and accommodating with his daughter. He said the bartender “helped her down off the barstool and didn’t charge us for it, and Myla strutted back to the pool looking all smug because she’d got what she wanted.”

People responded on Twitter praising the young girl for her independence. Some kids know what they want, and most importantly, they know how to get it.

Anderson posted a follow-up, saying that Myla was so confident after that first interaction, she even went back up to the bar to order her mom a Diet Coke the next day.

Anderson responded to some of the tweets, saying, “There’s a lesson to be learned here.” The lesson, we think, is that if you’re smart, determined, and polite, you can get your milk and drink it, too.