Shopping in Zürich


The cliche “shopper’s paradise should probably retire, but it applied here. From luxury stores to flea markets, watches that cost tens of thousands t... Read More

The cliche “shopper’s paradise should probably retire, but it applied here. From luxury stores to flea markets, watches that cost tens of thousands to fun Swatches, high-end chocolate truffles to good chocolate bars, the best shopping in Zurich spans all interests, and it’s a place where you won’t have a hard time spending money on beautiful things.

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  • Bahnhofstrasse

    This is one of the greatest walking streets in the world, and from the train station (Bahnhof) to the lake there are dozens of terrific shops selling... Read More

  • Berg und Tal

    Berg und Tal means, "mountain and valley," and you have great examples of artisanal, regional foods that aren't easy to find anywhere else. Read More

  • Burkliplatz Flea Market

    Every Saturday from May through November, this terrific flea market is held at the end of the upscale Bahnhofstrasse where it meets the lake. You'll... Read More

  • Caran d’ Ache

    There's no place more fun to shop for the famous writing pencils of French-speaking Switzerland than Caran d’ Ache. Read More

  • Coop

    Coop is a chain or franchise of very good grocery stores, and makes a great place to shop for small food gifts or picnics, from cheeses and chocolate... Read More

  • Franz Carl Weber

    This spectacular toy store has the ability to keep you occupied you for hours. Whether it's wooden toys or modern inventions, you will find it here. Read More

  • Globus Food Hall

    A huge array of the finest cheeses, breads, cereals, and prepared food in Switzerland. Read More

  • Im Viadukt

    In most cities, shady corners under elevated train tracks tend to attract unsavory characters. But in the formerly industrial Zurich-West neighborhood,... Read More

  • Läderach

    A delightful chocolate shop with locations throughout the country, Läderach has stood for top-quality, hand-made Swiss chocolate specialities since 1962. Read More

  • Lele Pyp

    An amazing store with some of the most stylish women's shoes imaginable. Read More

  • Mammut

    The Swiss producer of all things trekking and mountaineering equipment, Mammut's huge flagship store is located in Zurich and is your one-stop shop... Read More

  • Migros

    This franchise with stores scattered throughout the country has quality goods including fondue sets and Swiss bed ware at good value. Read More

  • Niederdorf

    On the other side of the Limmat river, in the direction of the university, is the Niederdorf, whichtends to get a bit roudy after hours. But during the... Read More

  • Opia

    You'll find Opia, an independent boutique specializing in brands from Japan and South Korea, in the Europaallee shopping complex near ... Read More

  • Soeder

    Ten years ago, you’d never have expected to see one of the city’s most stylish concept stores in Langstrasse, the red-light district. But when Soeder... Read More

  • Sprungli Chocolate Shop

    Although Sprungli has shops all over Switzerland nowadays, this shop on Bahnhofstrasse is one of the oldest and is an experience in and of itself. The... Read More

  • Tritt Kase

    Tritt Kase is among the best places in the city to buy cheeses local to Switzerland, including those from small producers. Read More

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