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It used to be that the best restaurants in Zurich chiefly had Swiss food: Delicious, farm-to-table dishes emphasizing beautiful cheeses and meats. Fe... Read More

It used to be that the best restaurants in Zurich chiefly had Swiss food: Delicious, farm-to-table dishes emphasizing beautiful cheeses and meats. Few things are tastier than a good fondue, raclette, or plate of rosti (fried potatoes). You can still find many of these convivial spots, yet these days there’s plenty of other places to eat in Zurich, including first-rate Italian (though don’t miss the Neapolitan pizza at Santa Lucia), Thai, Indian, French and Spanish, like Kreis 6, and Japanese places alongside them. The city also has one of the West’s oldest and best vegetarian restaurants, Hiltl.

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  • Allegra

    With commanding views of the city, this hotel restaurant has a touch of formality due to its setting and menu (think: five course, gourmet menus and a... Read More

  • Barfusser

    You wouldn't know it upon entering, but this modern sushi bar serving yellowfin tuna (bluefin is banned in Europe), salmon, and whatever else is in... Read More

  • Clouds

    From its lofty perch, this restaurant redefines the meaning of a room with a view, thanks to panoramic views of the city center and Lake Zurich (and its... Read More

  • Equi-Table in Sankt Meinrad

    This restaurant is all about optionality, and is devoted to showcasing organic, fair-trade, and regional ingredients in its creative and ever-changing... Read More

  • Haus Zum Rüden

    Set inside a gothic, 14th-century guild hall with a 36-foot wide, bowed wooden ceiling, the experience here is best described as deeply romantic: you... Read More

  • Hiltl

    Hiltl is hailed as the world's first vegetarian restaurant, having served a la carte plates and a massive buffet (with over 100 dishes) to... Read More

  • Kreis 6

    You'll find affluent District 6's namesake restaurant—all white columns and vaulted ceilings—bustling with in-the-know locals who flock to this somewhat... Read More

  • Kronenhalle

    Grabbing a seat at Kronenhalle, a former beer hall, is not unlike having dinner at a private art gallery, as the dark wood walls are covered in... Read More

  • Nooba

    At Nooba, pan-Asian cuisine can be made as hot (or not) as you like. Whether you're craving yaki soba noodles or green curry with jasmine rice, Nooba is... Read More

  • Pavillon-Bauer au Lac

    It doesn't get any fancier, or better, than this contemporary restaurant lit by Art Deco chandeliers and natural light flooding the rotunda from almost... Read More

  • Restaurant Eden

    You will truly think you're dining in the Garden of Eden when you dine at five-star hotel Eden au Lac's namesake restaurant. From its promontory over... Read More

  • Ricos Kunststuben

    Touted as one of the country's best experiences for gourmands, this vibrant restaurant makes much use of the color red, with red leather seats and a... Read More

  • Roter Kamm

    There's really nothing the team at Roter Kamm can't make out of poultry—especially mistkratzerli, or chicken. You can find it served whole or... Read More

  • Saltz

    Instead of turning to a design firm to create its new restaurant, the storied Dolder Grand hotel brought on the Swiss conceptual artist Rolf Sachs. The... Read More

  • Santa Lucia

    Neapolitan style pizzas (a signature pie is topped with tomatoes, mozzarella, ham, mushrooms, anchovies, pepperoni, and oregano) are wood-fired to order... Read More

  • Sprüngli Café

    Considered one of the best cafés in the country, Sprüngli Café is located on the famous Bahnhofstrasse and is attached to the famous chocolate shop of... Read More

  • Storchen

    Find this fashionable restaurant in the heart of the city, attached to a hotel by the same name, on River Limmat. In the summer, you have to lunch... Read More

  • The Blind Cow (Blindekuh)

    At this renowned restaurant, you eat in complete darkness—there's no light to illuminate the food or even your hands on the table. Blindekuh creates... Read More

  • The Odeon

    Like a Viennese coffeehouse in Switzerland, this may be one of the most famous restaurant in the world. You can order your kaffee with or without... Read More

  • The Sonnenberg

    The Sonnenberg, also known as Sun Mountain, has a traditional—albeit expensive—menu, though the price is well worth the views of the Alps,... Read More

  • Veltlinerkeller

    Don't let the decor—pine wood carvings and candle-lit tables—make you think this is a cheesy, Alpine ski lodge. On the contrary, this restaurant has... Read More

  • Widder Restaurant

    Inside the Widder Hotel is this intimate restaurant and jazz bar. Here you'll find a compact menu emphasizing local cuisine (veal with potatoes; a trio... Read More

  • Zeughauskeller

    This arsenal for medieval weaponry-turned-enormous beer hall boasts long tables, gothic stone columns, and arches. No frills fare (sausages and... Read More

  • Maison Manesse

    Located in the soon-to-be-happening Binz district, this 14-table restaurant is the vision of ambitious Australian chef Fabian Spiquel (spot him by the... Read More

  • Zum Goldenen Fass

    Everyone from designers to DJs hangs out at this traditional, wood-paneled restaurant—and it has become even more popular since being taken over by a... Read More

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