Things to Do in Zürich + The Northern Cities

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Few places in the city offer more respite than the botanical gardens. This beautiful and expansive set-up is maintained by the university and is an... Read More

Legend has it that this performance space is where, one night in 1916, artists Jean Arp and Sophie Taeuber-Arp started yelling “Dada! Dada!” (da means ... Read More

Sprüngli serves its iconic hamburger shaped Luxemburgerli. The shop also has one of the best deals in Zurich, 10 truffles for $7. Read More

In recent years, Zurich has witnessed an explosion of noncommercial galleries run by artists. Andreas Marti, coeditor of the indispensable Art Space... Read More

For a modest refundable deposit after you return with the bike, you're to be able to enjoy a day of riding all over town. It's a great way to see and... Read More

Bischofberger was Jean-Michel Basquiat's European dealer, so it's no surprise to find an exhibition of the artist's collages and paintings. Read More

Create a lunch to go at this specialty grocer with an excellent wine cellar, a vast gourmet deli, and artful displays of jams, honeys, and chocolates. Read More

Shop for ski gear (not to mention clothing from designers like Escada). Read More

Within this 12th-century cathedral the soaring nave is magnificent, and the interior is spare -aside from the jewel-toned chancel windows, designed in... Read More

This magnificent Protestant church has a beautiful interior as well as courtyards that are so enthralling that you can easily spend a couple of hours... Read More

This gallery, which has satellites in London and New York, represents everyone from sculptor Louise Bourgeois to Swiss video artist Pipilotti Rist. Read More

Le Corbusier's last building - a glass-and-steel structure that looks like a Mondrian painting in 3-D - has now been transformed into a museum.... Read More

Every Tuesday and Friday, early in the morning, this plaza plays host to local stalls of beautiful flowers and delicious breads, cheeses, and meats that... Read More

The city's preeminent art museum has a first-rate collection of old masters and impressionist paintings as well as exhibitions. Read More

In the city center and reachable by a flight of stone steps, this is a very large and peaceful plaza with many linden trees and benches that make it... Read More

The converted brewery is now a complex of art galleries and museums, all located in the edgy Dammweg neighborhood. Read More

After this historic brewery in Zurich’s industrial area closed down in the mid 1980s, it was taken over by squatters and artists. Now, it has... Read More

The department store carries a plethora of cool Swiss flag–branded tote bags, diaries, and other paraphernalia. Read More

The museum features a cutting-edge collection of photography, paintings, and design Read More

Between the Bahnhofstrasse and the Limmat river are narrow alleys and medieval structures that make for wonderful sightseeing and quiet afternoons of... Read More

Definitely worth a visit, the town hall has great architecture and a history of the city on display. A lovely cafe is on the ground floor right beside... Read More

Along the Limmat river are bathing houses and along the shores of Lake Zurich are grassy beaches. On hot days, few things are as pleasurable as a swim... Read More

Worth taking in a game of pro soccer where you'll meet Swiss fans in all their glory as they celebrate the local heroes FCZ. Read More

Owner Ursula Weber sells beaded necklaces, gold-threaded scarves, embroidered pillows, and other treasures from northern Africa, the Middle East, and Asia. Read More

You needn't venture into the high mountains to enjoy Swiss nature. This local mountain, just above the city, is perfect for day hikes and biking as well... Read More

Everyone has their favorite cheese shop. This is one of the best. Read More

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