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Kate Middleton is a natural with kids.During Prince William and Kate’s visit to South Wales on Tuesday, the royal mom met 3-year-old Annabel... Read More

Kate Middleton is speaking out about the “isolation” she felt as a new mother.The 38-year-old royal spoke with workers from a children and parents... Read More

What makes a place green? Well, that depends on how you define it. For some countries, like Indonesia, it’s all about building a school with sustainable... Read More

In some cases, the nearest emergency exit from your vacation rental may be behind you.A campsite in the UK has transformed a former Etihad jet into one... Read More

There is a European destination for every travel palette. The honeymooners are in Positano, the art lovers are at Musée d'Orsay in Paris, the hikers are... Read More

Everyone deserves to live their best life well into their retirement years. And that includes a few furry sloths, too.Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo,... Read More

If, somehow, you never finished the Harry Potter books or movie series you may want to go to another page because there are some spoilers ahead. But, we... Read More

You may remember him as the daft and arrogant Gaston from Disney’s recent remake of "Beauty and the Beast," or you may remember him fondly as... Read More

Is “fastest in the world” just not fast enough for you?Zip World in North Wales already claimed the title of world’s fastest zipline with the Velocity,... Read More

Grab your passport, coziest pair of slippers, and your reading glasses: you can now live your wildest fairytale fantasies and spend the night in a... Read More

Airbnb is a treasure trove of unusual places to sleep. There’s a Wes Anderson-themed treehouse in Ontario, the world’s smallest house in Boston, and... Read More

As Prince Harry and Meghan Markle greeted the crowds outside Cardiff Castle in Wales on Thursday, they were met with hundreds of phones attempting to... Read More

Meghan Markle has already mastered the art of the royal curtsy — now she’s on the receiving end of one!During her official outing in Wales on Thursday... Read More

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle may be from two different sides of the pond, but they share at least one common value: They’re both feminists.Meghan... Read More

Meghan Markle got a taste of the sometimes unreliable train service in England on Thursday as she made her way to the town of Cardiff with her... Read More

What’s it like to live in a city with a 2,000-year-old fairy-tale castle at its center? Meghan Markle will find out this Thursday when she visits... Read More

Eight glamping cabins will appear around Wales this year. And then, when guests are through, the mini hotels will magically disappear, leaving no trace... Read More

Ever dream of owning a sprawling oceanside hideaway, but that it would cost too much? Chances are, you can afford $1.45 a year in rent. No, we didn... Read More

What better way to honor the Queen of England than drinking into the wee hours of the night? In honor of Elizabeth II’s birthday, pubs in England and... Read More

Wandering through the riotous, labyrinthine stalls of Bangkok’s Chatuchak Market has given you an appetite. For hours, you’ve been pressing between... Read More

Harrodsburg, KentuckyShaker Village of Pleasant Hill 800/734-5611 or 859/734-5411Experience the contemplative peace of the material-world-shunning... Read More

When my husband, George, and I decided to take a holiday house at Berrington Hall, a Neoclassical mansion in England’s West Midlands owned by the... Read More

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"Where are they going to get the people to fill this place?" asks my cabdriver. He's just pulled up in front of St. David's Hotel & Spa, in Cardiff,... Read More

Once, while overnighting in Carmarthen, Wales, my husband and I inadvertently crashed a wedding reception. We heard laughter and music coming from one... Read More

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