Virgin Gorda Travel Guide

Bill Ross / CORBIS

White sand beaches, swaying palm fronds, friendly locals and fresh fruits and drinks—is there a more peaceful, relaxing place on Earth than the British Virgin Islands? If you're in the mood for a beach getaway, travel to Virgin Gorda, the third largest isle in the BVI, and maybe the most idyllic. With its pristine beaches, turquoise water, astonishing landscapes, and fantastic villas and restaurants, a trip to Virgin Gorda is nothing short of paradise. This Virgin Gorda travel guide will help you get the most from your island retreat.

An exotic Caribbean destination that was settled, at various times, by Christopher Columbus, the Dutch, and the Spanish, Virgin Gorda offers breathtaking landscapes, natural geologic formations, and historical ruins.

Things Not to Miss in Virgin Gorda

• The Copper Mine, a national park containing the ruins of an abandoned 19th-century copper factory. Legend has it that copper was discovered on Virgin Gorda.
 • Spanish Town is the second-largest town in all the BVI, with a relaxed atmosphere and tons of shopping. Every March is the Fisherman's Jamboree, a food and fishing festival celebrating the island's main industry (after tourism).
 • The Baths are a beach area situated south of Spanish Town, near Devil's Bay. The unusual boulder formations in the area suggest the island's volcanic past and form a network of tide pools, grottoes, tunnels, and arches right on the sea's edge.
 • Little Fort National Park sits on the former site of a Spanish fortress. It's now a 36-acre nature sanctuary, which offers strenuous hiking across its rugged terrain and dense vegetation.

When to Go to Virgin Gorda

Because the British Virgin Islands enjoy a warm tropical climate, your Virgin Gorda travel plans don't need to account for weather—it's beautiful year-round. The average highs are between 79 and 87 degrees F, and the lows never dip below the mid-60s. For this reason, tourists often escape to Virgin Gorda in the winter, when it's cold back home. Be warned that many hotels close during the summer months, due to the threat of hurricanes.

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