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The best restaurants in Vienna range from fine-dining places (often inside hotels) to casual gasthauses (taverns serving traditional food). In recent... Read More

The best restaurants in Vienna range from fine-dining places (often inside hotels) to casual gasthauses (taverns serving traditional food). In recent years, local chefs around the city have elevated the classic Viennese fare of schnitzels and strudels, kasierschmarrn and topfentortes. With so many farms and wineries in the immediate region, there is also a strong emphasis on locally grown food. Gasthaus Immervoll, in the First District, is a great example of a Viennese restaurant with traditional cuisine backed by modern thinking. There’s also tons of creativity at Steirereck Meierei, consistently listed as one of the best restaurants in the world.

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  • Cafe Ansari

    This airy space, with a gorgeous, custom tiled floor, is located in Leopoldstadt, the Second District that's across the Donau Canal from the First. The... Read More

  • Cafe Berg

    This low-key spot is a stone's throw from Freud's former home. A bar and café, it's also a historic hangout for Vienna's gay community (it is adjacent... Read More

  • Café Bräunerhof

    This traditional kaffeehaus has been a haunt of writers from the 19th century to the present. Novelist and playwright Thomas Bernard was one famous... Read More

  • Cafe Central

    Opened in 1876, Central is perhaps the most traditional—and famous—of the Viennese kaffeehauses. It was here that Arthur Schnitzler and Sigmund Freud... Read More

  • Cafe Do-An

    Several small restaurants dot the Naschmarkt but Do-An, a Turkish-influenced café, stands out. Expect a line around the corner on Saturday mornings for... Read More

  • Café Halle

    This sexy space carved into a soaring slice of the Kunsthalle Wien is a welcome spot for topfentorte (cheesecake) and coffee. Stop in for a quick break... Read More

  • Café Prückel

    Perhaps the city's most iconic 1960s-era kaffeehaus, Prückel offers traditional apfelstrudel, excellent coffee, and a large outside patio for people... Read More

  • Cafe Schwarzenberg

    The first café added to Vienna's Ringstrasse, Schwarzenberg was built in the 1860s and is still serving cakes and coffees. Don't miss the delightful... Read More

  • Café Sperl

    This iconic kaffeehaus has welcomed philosophers and movie stars for more than a century. You might recognize the velvet banquets from the film Before... Read More

  • Demel

    This famous bakery has been churning out imperial confections since the time of the American Revolution. The cakes, chocolates, and sweet innovations... Read More

  • Gasthaus Pöschl

    Gasthauses—taverns—have long been known for staples such as kalbsbutterschnitzel (veal schnitzel) and wiener würstchen (sausages). The First District’s... Read More

  • Konstantin Filippou

    Vienna’s newest temple of haute cuisine is chef Konstantin Filippou’s namesake Michelin-starred restaurant. He cares less about flash than about quality... Read More

  • Labstelle

    This is Vienna's most coveted farm-to-table spot: all bread is baked on site, all produce is grown within the Vienna city limits, and all meat is raised... Read More

  • Palmenhaus

    This soaring space feels like a greenhouse in the city, with greenery to match. Palmenhaus is an excellent late-night spot for a glass of grüner, or an... Read More

  • Phil

    This café, with a vintage shop and bookstore attached, serves an excellent breakfast. At night, a DJ spins while locals come in to sip tall beers at the... Read More

  • Ramien

    For a night when you need a break from Austrian fare, head to this ramen house, where crowds line the long communal tables and slurp up the large... Read More

  • Schilling

    This 1950s-era iconic Austrian gasthaus is known for traditional fare (think schnitzel and kalbsbutterschnitzel, or veal-butter schnitzel) and... Read More

  • Silvio Nickol

    This Michelin two-starred restaurant in the Palais Coburg has a futuristic dining room, some of the most adventurous gastronomy in Vienna, and an... Read More

  • Skopik & Lohn

    One of the Second District’s most celebrated new restaurants is this former gasthaus, where the stark white walls and ceiling are scribbled on with... Read More

  • Steirereck

    Heinz Reitbauer’s restaurant in Stadtpark is a high-gastronomy play on traditional Austrian cuisine, with a rotating seasonal menu. Try the local trout... Read More

  • Trzesniewski

    Well-loved by locals and tourists alike, Trzesniewski is a marvelous slice of mid-20th-century Vienna (the crisp uniforms of the women behind the... Read More

  • Vestibül

    Vestibül was famously carved out of the emperor's own formal dining room. Tucked in a glorious space beneath the Burgtheater, it serves updated Austrian... Read More

  • Wulfisch

    This tiny spot off the Karmelitermarkt in the Second District offers Hamburg-style smoked fish eaten tapas-style. That might mean scrambled eggs on... Read More

  • Zum Finsteren Stern

    In a hidden corner of the First District, Zum Finsteren Stern specializes in updated regional classics such as tender chicken breast with parsnip-beet... Read More

  • Zum Schwarzen Kameel

    First established in 1618, the building you see now is from the turn of the 20th century—a treasure from the Jugendstil Modernist art movement. While... Read More

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