Vermont Travel Guide

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By area, Vermont is the sixth smallest state in the United States; by population, it's the second-smallest. But travelers shouldn't sleep on the Green Mountain State—with its beautiful foliage, resplendent ski resorts, quaint hamlets, and delicious food, this New England gem has something for everyone.

Because of its beautiful, mountainous terrain, Vermont travel is most beloved by avid outdoors travelers who are seeking the perfect location for either hiking during the warmer months or skiing during the winter. When autumn visits Vermont, there might not be a prettier state in America—the leaves turn brilliant shades of orange, red, and yellow. Visitors to Vermont will love shopping at Manchester Center, touring the beautiful countryside and indulging in the state's famous cheeses and maple syrup. Read more in this Vermont travel guide.

Things Not to Miss in Vermont

• The Appalachian Mountains, where beautiful fauna and the natural habitat of many wild animals.
 • The Burlington Waterfront and Church Street: walk around this charming area, which is home to numerous art galleries, retail shops, and eateries with live music.
 • The Vermont State House: this municipal house has a golden domed top and is the most recognizable building in the state.

When to Go to Vermont

Vermont has cold winters and warm, humid summers, due to the proximity of Lake Champlain. Autumn, with its gorgeous bursts of color, is the best time to visit Vermont for vacation. If you're feeling adventurous, travel to Vermont with a bike or your hiking shoes, so you can take advantage of the state's many scenic trails.

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