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Warmer spring weather certainly calls for more fun in the fun, especially if you’re a whale.Dana Point Whale Watching Captain Frank Brennan was on the... Read More

If Cinderella blue, Snow White red, and Belle yellow are the only colors you think of when you dream of Disney, that’s all about to change.Come April,... Read More

A teenager was found hiding “in or around” the wheel well of a regional jet parked at a maintenance hangar ramp Salt Lake City International... Read More

Your dream summer job is hiring — if you like to work au naturel. A nudist campground in Rhode Island is looking for a new lifeguard.Dyer... Read More

Despite its long list of health benefits, coffee in California will soon come with a consumer warning about cancer.A judge on Thursday ruled in favor of... Read More

If you’re hoping to apply for a U.S. visa in the future, you may have to prepare yourself to hand over a lot of your very personal information —... Read More

In most U.S. cities, a Starbucks is never too far away, and now even in the middle of a redwood forest there’s a tall latte nearby.Starbucks opened a... Read More

From extreme temperature gains and drops to rising sea levels, man’s destruction of our one and only planet is starting to take its toll. And... Read More

For years, the Taiwanese airline EVA Air has been sending their passengers around Asia in aircraft dedicated to the adorable Sanrio icon, ... Read More

The most popular Instagram wall at Walt Disney World is no longer the same. According to Touring Plans, the famed “purple wall,” an unofficial... Read More

Surprisingly enough, you could actually get a good meal at an airport restaurant at one point in history.Airport food has gained a bit of notoriety for... Read More

As airlines continue to compete over routes to Hawaii, travelers can take advantage of the latest airfare sale — flights to a number of islands for $356... Read More

Chrissy Teigen, the queen of Twitter, is taking to social media once again to set the record straight.On Monday, Teigen fans shared a rather humorous... Read More

A Louisiana couple has taken gender reveal parties to a whole new level by enlisting a real-live alligator to assist with their baby announcement.In a... Read More

Fun, quirky, and educational, Watson Adventures has created scavenger hunts in more than 30 cities across the United States, inviting... Read More

The least romantic part of planning a wedding has to be dealing with your budget.Not only do most weddings involve having to pay caterers based on... Read More

This story originally appeared on've enjoyed your meal but your work is not yet over. You have to pay the check and figure out... Read More

Who needs beaches and palm trees when you can have camo and quiet swimming holes?Gwen Stefani and her kids opted for a less traditional spring break... Read More

Just because muggles can’t enroll at Hogwarts doesn’t mean they can’t soar as high as Harry, Ron, and Hermione this summer. When Universal’s Aventura... Read More

Just one week ago, Disney sent fans into a tizzy when it announced it would be opening a slate of brand new superhero-themed attractions at its... Read More

They're gonna need a bigger boat. Two friends caught a glimpse of a massive great white shark Saturday when they were 26 miles fishing off the... Read More

Mickey ears? Check. Mickey waffles? Check. Mickey popcorn bucket? Better hurry up.The latest craze at Disneyland isn’t a flavored churro or seasonal... Read More

On Feb. 24, not one but two pilots flying on two separate planes claim they both saw what could only be described as an unidentified flying object,... Read More

You really may have more in common with Beyoncé than you think.Ok, so you don’t have a mountain of Grammy awards, or several best-selling albums. You... Read More

Easter is arriving on Sunday, April 1, and while families will be celebrating across America, some cities have more Easter festivities to offer than... Read More

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