Things to Do in Ubud

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Organic café selling indigenous foodstuffs, including local Big Tree Farms' sea salt and spices. Read More

Balinese Barong on Rangda dance performances take place at Pura Taman Saraswati (Ubud Water Palace). It's the hub of Ubud, and surrounded by crafts stalls. Read More

UNESCO lists Bali's rice terrace fields and subak irrigation system as a cultural landscape of Bali. Although not the protected World Heritage site ... Read More

Textile gallery and emporium that supports local women's weaving cooperatives. Read More

One of the holiest temples on an island that is home to more than 20,000, Tirta Empul, in the small town of Tampaksiring, is a half-hour drive outside... Read More

A visit here is more than a shopping trip, it is a visual experience. Goldsmiths, both Balinese and international, sell their one-of-a-kind modern... Read More

Bali is still a deeply spiritual island, with Hinduism playing a big part in the everyday lives of locals. As a result of this strong affinity, yoga—an... Read More

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