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Somewhere over the rainbow is your next dream vacation.You don’t always have to wait for a nice, spring or summer rain in order to get a spectacular... Read More

When it comes to the best European cities in readers’ eyes, one nation reigns supreme. For the third year running, Italy has dominated the top urban... Read More

As cherry blossom season fades from memory and the bloom-inspired fervor dies down, a new floral phenomenon is coming to the fore: a village stuffed to... Read More

We have a few ways to go in the middle of summer. Embrace the warm weather, seek the air-conditioned indoors, escape to the beach, or satisfy that... Read More

Thrill-seekers around the world have a new destination to add to their bucket list.According to The Metro, Wonderland Eurasia has officially opened in... Read More

Somewhere over the rainbow...there’s a town that’s perfectly drenched in color.Kuşadası, which is already a go-to beach resort town on Turkey’s western... Read More

This article originally appeared on From far away, the Burj Al Babas could be confused for a diorama of miniature villas. The homes... Read More

Turkey recently unveiled Istanbul's new Airport which is poised to become the world’s largest airport when completed in 2028.The airport, which... Read More

Kristen Korey Pike is a member of Travel + Leisure’s A-List, a collection of the top travel advisors in the world, and can help plan your perfect... Read More

An Asiana Airlines plane swiped the rear tail off a Turkish Airlines plane on the tarmac at Istanbul Ataturk Airport on Sunday.“We hadn’t even been... Read More

If you’re looking for a stay that will allow you to take a step back in time, head to the Kayakapi Premium Caves hotel in Cappadocia, Turkey.The... Read More

A plane carrying 168 people skidded off a runway in northern Turkey Saturday night, stopping on a muddy slope just above the Black Sea. None of the... Read More

The more than 10,000-year-old town of Hasankeyf, Turkey will soon be underwater.With a long history stretching back through the empires of the Romans,... Read More

The original tomb of Saint Nicholas, the progenitor of Santa Claus, may have been found beneath a church in Turkey.Archeologists uncovered burial... Read More

Historically settled by foreign envoys and non-Muslim minorities, Beyoğlu (formerly Pera) has always been Istanbul’s cosmopolitan heart. After... Read More

A British man was arrested in Turkey after being accused of trying to take home ancient artifacts he found while snorkeling during a family trip.Toby... Read More

The A-List is Travel + Leisure's annual selection of the world's best travel agents and destination specialists, as chosen by the editors. Rely on these... Read More

After giant hail — the size of golf balls — shattered the windshield of the Airbus A320, AtlasGlobal Captain Alexander Akopov successfully landed the... Read More

As part of a collaboration with Turkish Airlines, TV personality Mehmet Oz, known as Dr. Oz, has signed on with a new project called “Fly Good, Feel... Read More

After a man was told he could not bring his power bank onto a flight in Turkey due to electronics restrictions, he threw the battery pack to the ground,... Read More

Countries around the world can vary greatly when it comes to their tipping practices.While most Western nations expect you to tip, tipping may not be... Read More

Residents living around the Black Sea were treated to a rare sight in June when the waters were turned into a stunning blue-green hue thanks to a giant... Read More

Spain is once again the leader when it comes to the highest number of quality beaches in the world.A total of 579 beaches along the country's coastline... Read More

For hundreds of years, when invaders came to the Cappadocia region of what is now Turkey, inhabitants would retreat to a vast underground city, taking... Read More

Knowing when to book a hotel can make all the difference when it comes to the price you pay.For those planning to take a summer getaway this year,... Read More

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