Things to Do in Tokyo

Andrea Fazzari

This is a small and charming museum close to Sensoji, in Asakusa, with an excellent selection of folk art. The tall, thin building has ukiyo-e prints, a... Read More

A traditional onsen (hot springs) resort that dates back to the 1870's, Arai Ryokan has a serene, old-world feel, evoked by the traditional Japenese... Read More

Established in 1560, Aritsugu is famous the world over for its high-quality knives. This Tsukiji Market shop is a branch of the original 16th-century... Read More

An art space housed in a former junior high school that hosts a great variety of contemporary, interactive, and conceptual art. The building's many... Read More

The pastry boutique was designed by Wonderwall, the cutting edge design firm behing Uniqlo stores. Read More

The dark, designy, one-person deep standing bar sells single servings of sake in little jars to keep the sake fresh. Read More

Escape the throngs of Ginza shoppers at this sleekly modern tearoom and shop. In the third-story tearoom, minimalist-white with skylights overhead,... Read More

Occupying the 45th and 47th floors of the Park Hyatt Tokyo, the Club on the Park is a full-service spa open exclusively to hotel guests and private... Read More

On the day of your purchase, please take the receipt for the goods purchased at Daimaru Tokyo store on the same day ... Read More

Hidden away in the basement of an office bulding on the fringes of Harajuku, Dog is a literally an underground fashion spot, a hodge-podge of low-cost... Read More

Dog's Care Joker brings Roppongi Hills pampering to pooches. Luxury stores and services abound in this part of town, so its no suprise that pets should... Read More

F.I.L (shorthand for Free International Laboratory) is the boutique of Berlin-based, Japanese fashion designer Hiroki Nakamura and his visvim clothing,... Read More

The museum for the animation legend, Hayao Miyazaki (and his Studio Ghibli) is a dream for fans of his work. Visitors can play on a life-sized cat bus,... Read More

A variety store in the truest sense, this member of the Tokyu Hands department-store chain sells everything from kitchen knives to camping packs. Most... Read More

Perhaps the natural next step for the extension of the brand, Gucci's first cafe is located on the fourth floor of its Ginza store, giving shoppers a... Read More

Don't miss this sprawling mall known for cutting-edge Japanese labels. Read More

Once the largest toy store in Tokyo, this century-old shop is still home to one of the most impressive toy collections in the city. Opened in 1899,... Read More

Situated in a Showa-period former residence, this is one of the original champions of contemporary art in Japan. With a splendid permanent collection... Read More

Sugino's creations are baked daily in minuscule quantities, which qualifies them as gentei (limited-edition) and thus extra-desireable. Read More

One floor above Gyoza Stadium in Namjatown, Ice Cream City is full of gelato stands and Turkish men selling orchid-root-thickened ice cream. Cup Ice... Read More

Located on the former site of the 15th-century Edo Castle, the Imperial Palace is the official residence of Japan's royal family. First constructed in... Read More

Tokyo’s most impressive depachika (subterranean gourmet food market), Isetan may be the ultimate foodie destination. Under one roof you have Alain... Read More

The Japanese are obsessed with stationery, and Ito-ya is just the place to satisfy the habit, with 11 floors of paper, notebooks, photo albums, pens,... Read More

New York-born Ivan Orkin's 12-counter-seat ramen house opened in 2007, originally drawing customers curious about a gaijin "noodle man," and later... Read More

Home of the Tokyo Yakult Swallows, (one of Tokyo's professional baseball teams) Jingu Stadium is an outdoor venue where you can go to get a taste of... Read More

Jugetsudo Japanese tea house opened its doors in 2003 in the Tsukiji district of Tokyo, next to the parent company Maruyama Nori. There you can savor... Read More

The foremost stage for the 400-year-old native art form, with characters (including female roles) played exclusively by men. A fascinating glimpse into... Read More

Among the most popular toy stores in the city, Kiddy Land is a national chain with more than 80 locations throughout Japan. At this Harajuku flagship,... Read More

While in Asakusa do not miss this furugi (used clothing) store’s affordable secondhand kimonos. Selection and prices vary widely, and even if you... Read More

To the right of the Kaminarimon—the gate opening onto Nakamise Dori, the narrow pedestrian-only shopping street leading to the Sensoji Temple... Read More

The souls of Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken are enshrined here at one of the city's most famous sacred sites. More than a century ago, this peaceful... Read More

One of the many fashion subcultures of Tokyo is the Lolita look: bows, lace, crinolines, and bonnets. In other words, clothes that appear to belong on... Read More

Around the world, the name Mikimoto is synonymous with the highest quality pearl jewelry. The company's Ginza 2 location in what's known as "the Swiss... Read More

World-class contemporary art museum, designed by Richard Gluckman, featuring exhibitions from iconic domestic and international artists such as Bill... Read More

Easily one of Tokyo's favorite hiking place, Mt. Takao has a lot to offer the day tripper. Those not wanting to hike all the way up to the summit can... Read More

A seven-meter, red-granite pool with an illuminated Jacuzzi is the centerpiece of Nagomi Spa, located at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo in Roppongi Hills.... Read More

The bold structure of undulating glass walls designed by Kisho Kurokawa is Tokyo's largest art venue. Read More

Tachinomi, casual, inexpensive bars without seating, is a trend with a formula: low-key atmosphere, countertops and no chairs, bumping music. It works,... Read More

Elegant hot springs bathhouse geared toward adults. There are segregated and mixed-sex bathing (bathing suits required in the mixed-use areas). Dip into... Read More

A sprawling, almost theme-park type hot spring resort, complete with Edo-era decor. Patrons are issued yukata (a casual summer kimono) and can stroll... Read More

Sprinkled throughout the city are “antenna shops,” which stock hard-to-find jizake (regional sake), regional food and crafts, and literature... Read More

For a unique night out in the city, attend a performance of Tsugaru shamisen, music with origins in northern Japan, played on a traditional three... Read More

Japanese pastry chef Sadaharu Aoki established a reputation in Paris before opening his all-white, ultra-modern Marunouchi shop, where exquisite... Read More

The bakery in the New Otani Hotel specializes in mont blanc desserts. Read More

France's top pasty provocatuer is a household name in Tokyo, with several boutiques and a swank marbled Bar Chocolat created by Wonderwall, the cutting... Read More

The Japanese fascination with patisseries is best expressed in the fruit tarts from Qu’il Fait Bon. These are works of art that must be admired... Read More

Home to more than 200 shops, restaurants, and services, Roppongi Hills is one of Tokyo's premiere shopping destinations, located in the heart of an area... Read More

Around the corner from Hermès and Chanel, Sake Shop Fukumitsuya contains an informal bar that showcases fermented rice from the Fukumitsuya... Read More

Feel the beat of the music as omikoshi (portable shrines) mounted on palanquins are paraded through the streets of Tokyo’s Asakusa neighborhood... Read More

Tokyo’s oldest temple, completed in A.D. 645, is devoted to Kannon, the Buddhist deity of compassion and mercy. Throughout their history, temple... Read More

A distilled spirit made from potatoes, rice, wheat, or barley, shochu originated in Kyushu (in southwestern Japan), but is now produced all over the... Read More

If you're in Tokyo during a sumo match, snag a ticket to the Ryogoku Kokugikan, the city's primary sumo arena. Watching sumo wrestling (grown men in... Read More

Housed in a modern Japanese building designed by architect Kengo Kuma, the Suntory Musuem of Art is a striking white structure with vertical louvers... Read More

A whole store devoted to hoisery: that's Tabio, where shoppers can find anything to adorn the legs, from tights to socks to leg warmers to furry "boot... Read More

There are 70 kinds of salt at the depachika (department store basement food hall). The vinegar sommelier holds tastings and sells "infuse-your-own... Read More

To spot the Harajuku girls, stroll along this pereptually crowded, store-lined street. Read More

Most tourists come to Kappabashi (Tokyo’s “Kitchen Town”) to pick up plastic sushi key chains and refrigerator magnets, but the real... Read More

Floor-to-ceiling windows and a 52nd-floor location give the New York Bar some of the best views in the city. You might recognize the slick, expansive... Read More

One of Japan's largest department stores (also one of the world's largest), Tobu is located atop the Ikebukuro subway station, with 15 stories above... Read More

A lack of Japanese language skills is no barrier to enjoying this terrific market on the grounds of the Togo Shrine—just bring pad and pen, and... Read More

The Tokyo City View observation deck has floor-to-ceiling windows that provide panoramic views of Tokyo Tower, Haneda Airport, Mount Fuji, the island of... Read More

The first Disney resort to be built outside the US, Tokyo Disney Resort receives more annual visitors than any of Disney's other international locations... Read More

The concept behind Harajuku's Toyko Hipster's Club is that cutting-edge is a lifestyle, manifested across a range of products from clothes to books to... Read More

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, designed by famed architect Kenzo Tange, is a tribute to Notre Dame in concrete and steel. The twin... Read More

The Tokyo National Museum in Ueno Park is the largest repository of Japanese art and artifacts in the world, with collections spanning thousands of... Read More

A cross between a French patisserie and an American cupcake shop, Tokyo Sweets Factory is located on the basement level of a Jiyugaoka office building.... Read More

With everything from hardware to hobby, craft, and office supplies, even sushi-making supplies and lunch boxes, Tokyu Hands is a uniquely Japanese... Read More

Operating here since 1935, the world’s largest fish market is a sight to be seen and experienced. The jonai (inner market) area for wholesale fish... Read More

The neighborhood of Tsukishima, on a man-made island of the same name, is an off-the-beaten-tourist-path destination for local food. It’s no... Read More

Ukiyo-e woodblock prints, a uniquely Japanese art form, are the focus of this niche museum collection, bequethed by the estate of Seizo Ota, the late... Read More

The Aoyama boutique of anti-fashion establishment designer Jun Takahashi reflects its owner's ethos: there are walls with no dry wall, only exposed... Read More

Often called the "Japanese Gap," Uniqlo is a fashion retailer specializing in casual, affordable clothing for men, women, and children. While the... Read More

With its distinctive clock tower and curved granite façade, Wako is one of the most iconic department stores in Tokyo. Centrally located in the... Read More

Contemporary art museum featuring many up-and-coming artists, both domestic as well as international. There are several group exhibitions per year, a... Read More

There's no end to the activities available in what is probably the most popular park in Tokyo. Spanning 134-acres, this park is the go-to spot for... Read More

Set in a residential downtown-Tokyo neighborhood, Toyo Ito’s design of the new Za-Koenji public theater is unabashedly theatrical. The building is... Read More

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