Things to Do in Tangier

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Deep within the medina, Boutique Majid stocks historic indigenous furniture and objets d'art (armoires; birdcages) alongside oversize antique Berber... Read More

Goods spill out along the seemingly endless miles of rough sidewalk: everything from incredibly inexpensive tin lanterns ready to be repurposed as lamps... Read More

The Art Deco cinema was saved by local artists in the community as part of a larger effort to save Tangier's historic buildings. Read More

The owners provide Perrier shoppers troll the endless array of carpets, most of them ridiculously underpriced at around $300. Make sure you measure your... Read More

The shop is full of exquisite embroidered table linens. Read More

Otherwise known as the Weaver's Market, feral cats and vendors selling hangers are mixed with vendors who sell to Barneys New York. Read More

A great market for babouche slippers. Read More

A market of straw furniture and baskets; custom orders welcome. Read More

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