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There is no shortage of man-made thrills in this world. But we have a special fondness for the roller coaster.Since they were invented in the mid-18th... Read More

Residents of Taiwan and the southern Japanese islands are preparing for the arrival of Typhoon Lekima. The storm, which could become a super... Read More

Summer is right around the corner, and for families thinking of where to plan their next getaway, there are plenty of destinations that won't break the... Read More

A social media star famous for taking photos on top of mountains in a bikini has died after a tragic fall.According to Newsweek, Gigi Wu, also known as... Read More

As Kermit the Frog once said, “It isn’t easy being green.” But if being green involves hanging out on a lily pad, we’ll take it any day.At Shuangxi... Read More

After six years of working 60-hour weeks, exchanging his vacation time for pay, and having no time for rest, Jeremy Jacobson finally finished paying off... Read More

Some people know they’ve found The One when they discover their date loves the same music or roots for the same sports team. For Jeremy Jacobson, a good... Read More

For years, the Taiwanese airline EVA Air has been sending their passengers around Asia in aircraft dedicated to the adorable Sanrio icon, ... Read More

Taiwan is recalling passports that mistakenly featured an image of Washington-Dulles Airport — instead of Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport.The... Read More

Love gaming? You’ll want to check out the i hotel in Taiwan.Dubbed the first e-sports themed hotel in Asia, the property was designed with avid gamers... Read More

The expats have voted and Bahrain is the best country in the world to live.The annual Expat Insider survey — which questions 12,500 respondents of 166... Read More

The idea of learning Chinese likely strikes fear in your heart — or just completely mystifies you. And understandably so. It’s not an easy language... Read More

This story originally appeared on Lately, it seems as though Starbucks in North America hasn't been able to keep up with all the... Read More

Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei has introduced a fun new way to ride around the city, transforming various carriages aboard the MRT Songshan... Read More

Residents and visitors to Taiwan can now experience a new kind of commute on Taipei's "forest bus."A local florist designed the temporary project in... Read More

Taiwan is a fascinating island that is worth more than just a news story on the curious traveler’s radar.The travel blog Face du Monde made a short... Read More

Flights from New York City, San Francisco, and San Jose to Tokyo, Seoul, Hong Kong, and Taipei are about to go on sale for as little as $399, according... Read More

What have been described as “blue tears” have become a major tourist draw on the Matsu Islands. The phenomenon creates glowing blue waves along the... Read More

Super Typhoon Nepartak is currently classified as a Category 5 storm, with winds of more than 165 mph, and it's heading straight for Taiwan.In the face... Read More

Book a flight anytime today until June 19, and you could score a free seat with AirAsia and AirAsia X. This low-cost carrier is offering up to three... Read More

Ready for that epic trip to Southeast Asia you’ve always imagined? Thanks to an awesome flight deal from Air China, you can now fly from LAX to Thailand... Read More

Recent visitors to Taiwan may have witnessed a sport that looked more like a Staples fever dream—an office chair race.The Office Chair Grand Prix took... Read More

Taiwan’s long, ongoing dispute with China has hit the front pages—of each country’s passports.In most countries, it’s illegal to modify your passport in... Read More

Taiwan’s largest international airport is getting an architectural redesign, courtesy of Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners.The British architects... Read More

As Taiwan surveys the damage wreaked by supertyphoonSouledor over the weekend, including at least seven confirmed dead and 100 missing,... Read More

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