Tahiti Travel Guide

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The volcanic island of Tahiti, the largest of the 118 islands that make up the archipelago of French Polynesia, is the perfect destination to enjoy a relaxing vacation. Travel to Tahiti if you want a getaway chock-full of balmy weather, pristine beaches, and laid-back, tropical living. The island, which is shaped like a turtle, is ringed with beautiful black beaches surrounded by clear, tranquil waters ideal for a wide range of nautical activities. If you enjoy surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling and water sports, a visit to Tahiti is in order. Let Travel + Leisure’s Tahiti travel guide point you towards all the best sights and activities on the island, from sightseeing to shopping, to exploring Tahiti’s lush, verdant natural beauty.

Things Not to Miss in Tahiti

• Visiting the Botanical Garden/Gauguin Museum, located on the island’s west coast.
 • Snorkeling off of one of the island’s numerous beaches
 • Golfing at the Olivier-Breaud Golf Course, which was once a sugar cane farm.
 • Shopping at ‘Le Marche,’ a two-story market place located in Papeete, the island’s largest city. Find everything from traditional Tahitian clothing to local delicacies, to woven bags and, of course, a wide variety of typical tourist memorabilia.

When to Go to Tahiti

Tahiti enjoys a pleasant, balmy climate year-round with cool breezes at night, so make your Tahiti travel plans at your convenience—only keep in mind that Tahitian summers are considerably more humid, while November to April is the island’s wet season, with January typically being the rainiest month.

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