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The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in favor of President Donald Trump Monday, allowing a limited version of his travel ban on six majority Muslim countries to... Read More

Syrian government forces recaptured the city of Palmyra from the militant organization known as the Islamic State group or ISIS this week.Palmyra is... Read More

Militants from the Islamic State group, also known as ISIS, destroyed parts of two ancient monuments at the cultural heritage site of Palmyra, Syria,... Read More

This story originally appeared on Syria’s government has released a promotional video for the war-torn city of Aleppo... Read More

Turkish authorities are planning to reopen the ancient archeological site of Karkemish on the Syrian border to tourists by next year, Associated Press... Read More

The Institute for Economics and Peace ranked 163 countries in its 10th edition of the Global Peace Index, using 24 different factors including... Read More

ItalyThe Details: The Petraia Sessions Trufflepig Travel Inc.; October 19–24; doubles from$5,574 per person, double.Why We Love It: Spend five nights... Read More

Bashar al-Assad was never meant to be president of Syria. That role had been reserved for Basil, his dashing, rakish elder brother whose death six years... Read More

The streets of the sophisticated Abou Roumaneh neighborhood in Damascus are known for their fashionable stores and restaurants, but lately the... Read More

"Souks are full of educational tools, from merchandising to display techniques," says Majed al-Sabah, the royal Kuwaiti visionary whose unique Villa... Read More

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