Tips and Articles for Svalbard

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For most people, running a marathon is an extreme milestone. It takes an incredible level of athletic endurance and mental strength to train and compete... Read More

A summer camping trip is so much better with polar bears.Instead of opting for a sweltering campground this summer, experts at adventure travel company... Read More

On the “cold coasts” of Svalbard, an arctic archipelago situated between mainland Norway and the North Pole you will find a rugged landscape of fjords,... Read More

This story originally appeared on second ‘Doomsday Vault‘ was opened in a former Norwegian coal mine to store data in the event of an... Read More

A total solar eclipse happens only about once every 18 months, and is frequently only visible from hard-to-reach places on the globe.In March 2015,... Read More

I WENT TO THE ARCTIC BECAUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN. A few years ago, as I was annotating an edition of Mary Shelley's novel, I traveled to all the places in... Read More

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