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Gorging on bacon-wrapped dates, sipping Jamaican rum, and puffing on a Cuban cigar: now, this is what I call a yoga retreat. Not sitting on the floor in... Read More

"If you can get past the food, it's wonderful."Last season alone, 11 friends returned from the Caribbean voicing that hungry refrain. My favorite bet... Read More

ST. THOMASHotel 1829Though it's only steps from Charlotte Amalie's cruise-port chaos, this gem of a hotel is miles away in spirit. Built for the bride... Read More

'I should be chopping celery for stuffing,' Barbara says as she rises at 7 a.m. I pull a pillow over my head, but the scent of jasmine whispers me awake... Read More

Reader's FindOur family of four recently stayed at Venice's Romantik Hotel Metropole (39-41/520-5044, fax 39-41/520-3679; doubles $211-$398). Our room... Read More

ALEXANDRA PENNEY, author of How to Make Love to a Man and Sexiest Sex of AllPlanning a trip for my fiancé's 50th birthday (at the time he was just my... Read More

POP QUIZ: WHAT'S PACKED AND FRENCH AND CHIC ALL OVER?ANSWER: ST. BART'S.The Caribbean island has its own maverick dress code, which falls somewhere... Read More

St. Bart's is a private club posing as a Caribbean island, with all the style (and attitude) you expect from the French. On the hotel front, the... Read More

Parisian designer Christian Liaigre recently cut the ribbon on a small shop on St. Bart's (Rue du Centenaire, Gustavia; 590-590/287-791), his first... Read More

Originally called Ouanalao by the Carib Indians, St. Bart’s has been “discovered” repeatedly since Columbus arrived in 1493 and renamed it for his... Read More

Immersion suites—the ultimate amenity for well-being—are popping up at resorts across the globe. At the Guanahani (590/590-276-660; www.leguanahani... Read More

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