Restaurants in Spain

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I like this place because of the location and the views; it’s set on the top floor of the Museum of History, facing the sea and the Barcelona skyline.... Read More

This successful local chain of Japanese restaurants has endured thanks to its use of the freshest fish and the most inventive sushi and sashimi dishes... Read More

The dramatic stark-black design is a refreshing departure from the woody cubbyhole look of traditional pintxo bars (in the back there’s a little... Read More

One of the most exclusive gourmet restaurants in Barcelona, ABaC, with its brilliant revisionist Catalan cooking by chef Jordi Cruz remains a firm... Read More

Tiny squid, which are brought in from down the street, are fried with wild garlic, and local spring lamb is served with tumbet, the rich Majorcan stew... Read More

The Adrià brothers need no introduction; they are two of the city’s primary attractions. They changed the very shape of the gastronomic world with El... Read More

Star chef Andrés Madrigal is at the top of his game creating nouveau-Spanish dishes for his 75-euro tasting menu (about $96; à la carte is... Read More

In Granada, stop for tea at this Moroccan teahouse in the ancient Moorish neighborhood of Albaicín. Read More

Chef and alchemist Jordi Vilà runs the kitchen at this Michelin one-starred restaurant in the Sagrada Familia district of Barcelona. At Alkimia,... Read More

In front of you sits a napoleon of caramelized foie gras, mackerel, and roasted pepper—an intricate sweet-savory morsel the size of a silver... Read More

Most Barcelona bars shut down on Sunday nights—which is why Alta Taberna Paco Meralgo is so indispensable. Plus, Paco serves Barcelona’s... Read More

Opened in June 2016 just a few doors down from Quintin, Sando Silva and Marta Seco's latest endeavor has a Brazilian theme but a far-reaching menu that... Read More

Chef César Rodríguez, who trained at Abraham García’s Viridiana restaurant, now heads this market-driven eatery located on a... Read More

Catalan chef Sergi Arola—from Michelin two-starred Sergi Arola Gastro in Madrid—opened this tapas restaurant at the Hotel Arts in Olympic... Read More

Part restaurant and part nightclub, Arola Madrid is located in the Museo Reina Sofia (Queen Sofia Museum), which houses a renowned collection of 20th... Read More

Tasting menu for two $528. Read More

This smart urban grill house flanks the Santiago Bernabéu stadium with a sweeping view of the pitch. In the turbocharged dining room with blond... Read More

Asiana is one of Madrid's most exciting discoveries. Ring the bell and you'll be whisked down to one of seven candlelit tables in a subterranean... Read More

This posh Peruvian import may make ceviche the new sushi. Lima-based celebrity kitchen warrior Gastón Acurio, who already presides over a... Read More

Chef Ramón Freixa serves Catalan dishes with a fresh twist like black sesame-crusted langoustines served with corn. Read More

Nestled among the tangerine-hued façades surrounding the charming San Lorenzo Square, Az-Zait serves innovative cuisine in a space more akin to a... Read More

This Granadan newcomer incorporates Moroccan spices like coriander and cumin in its grilled bacalao. Book a table near the windows for a view of the... Read More

Housed in a charming 18th century residential building turned boutique hotel, Azahar serves contemporary cuisine that is distinctly Sevillano in style... Read More

It might seem strange, but this beautiful wine bar is located in a beer factory. That is, no doubt, part of the charm to the place, which is always... Read More

The establishment’s sole victual—a two-inch-high stack of mushrooms precariously united by a toothpick and topped with a tiny shrimp ($1.50)... Read More

the lavish five-dozen-plus-item pintxos menu requires hours of complicated assembly on the part of owner Patxi Bergara. "A pintxo should be eye-catching... Read More

At first glance, Cañete may look like an old-style dive bar, but there's nothing dated about the extensive range of delicious tapas on offer. Be sure to... Read More

Deeper into the market, Ana Gambeta, of the tourist-friendly Bar Central, hawks her baked dorada (bream), her butifarra sausage with white beans, and... Read More

Camila, the sommelier here, is one of the best in Barcelona, and many people come to this bar just to try their house wines. My favorites are the... Read More

The local clams and tiny lobster set the gold standard for fresh seafood. And the 1960’s mahogany-paneled time capsule of a dining room sets the... Read More

A tiny corridor of a place where embuchados, plates of grilled goat tripe, sizzling and crunchy, with spicy romesco sauce ($6.40) are served with... Read More

At this bar in the Chueca neighborhood, waiters bring a free tapas with each caña—a term for a glass of beer, local wine, or Spanish cider.... Read More

Everything is magnificent here: the garlicky sauté of mini-mushrooms called perretxikos; the spicy, slender chistorra sausage in puff pastry; and... Read More

At the elegant Bar Martínez one must select crab mousse molded between bright zucchini shavings into a clever "charlotte." Read More

This L'Eixample tavern is known for its Gallic seafood tapas. Situated on the crossroads of Paseo de Gracia and Diagonal, the restaurant packs in crowds... Read More

Bar Mut is one of the most popular spots in town; celebrity patrons like Woody Allen are partly to blame for that. But Bar Mut is also justifiably known... Read More

This bar is a bit removed from the usual tourist grid—it’s 15 minutes from the city center by subway— but it’s definitely worth a visit. The cod... Read More

Don’t bother braving the white-hot dinner scene at this 1933 landmark reopened in 2009 with local superstar Carles Abellán. Instead, come... Read More

The original pioneers, in terms of organic bakeries in Barcelona, have become so successful in recent years that they’re now a mini-franchise, with four... Read More

The best thing about Baribau is how it feels so casual, whether you go there for a cocktail after work, or to sit and order a full meal. Both... Read More

Located just off the Gran Via, this casual, inexpensive eatery is set on a busy corner in Chueca, the city’s gay village. The two-story dining... Read More

Local artists have painted the wine casks that line the walls of the vaulted tavern, which is popular for traditional Spanish fare, such as chipirones... Read More

Try the grilled gambas at the battered 1893 Bodega San José. Read More

Bodeguita A. Romero, despite its pink walls, is renowned for its he-man’s oxtail stew, grape-size caper berries, and pringa—cocido (boiled... Read More

The tortilla, the seafood noodles, and the dreamy crushed-potato salad drenched in olive oil are better than ever. Since the owner’s son took over... Read More

Chef Francesc Gimeno Manduley’s low-cost, high-concept miniatures are a marvel of ingenuity. Imagine, for instance, a composition of pink slices... Read More

Located on the ground level of the Museo del Traje (Costume Museum), Bokado serves inventive Basque cuisine crafted by chefs Mikel and Jesús... Read More

The past lives on at this historic haunt where actual fishermen order up salt-cod croquettes at a tatty old marble counter. Twenty dollars buys grilled... Read More

Located inside the verdant courtyard of the College of Architects in trendy Chueca, the terrace of Bosco de Lobos feels like an escape from the city.... Read More

At Carles Abellán's new-wave asador inside the Ricardo Bofill–designed W, steaks from 10 kinds of pedigreed cows (we loved the domestic... Read More

There’s no better place to get a sweet souvenir to take home. Everything in Bubó is packed with sturdy elegance: items such as the almonds or the filled... Read More

While this Catalan restaurant’s menu is full of seasonal ingredients, my favorite dish is the rice. Best for lunch—since it can be heavy for dinner—it... Read More

Hot cocoa goes haute at this sleek shop and café part-owned by Ferran Adrià’s pastry-chef brother, Albert. Dark and dense, the... Read More

I really love this place, which is just five minutes from the city center, and its traditional vibe. The owner is a former employee of The Ritz... Read More

Located in El Palace Hotel, this Michelin one-starred restaurant serves French and Catalan fare from acclaimed chef Romain Fornell. A high ceiling... Read More

A visit to this shop is an absolute must when you’re in Barcelona. Caelum sells pastries from all the convents in Spain (nuns are excellent bakers, you... Read More

The city’s only Michelin-starred restaurant earns the honor with simple riffs on traditional Andalusian fare, such as ajo blanco, a chilled almond... Read More

Located in Gracia, a beautiful neighborhood just 10 minutes from the city center, this is a very cool place to have a coffee after a nice lunch. Don’t... Read More

This tiny nook is simply the best place to have coffee in Barcelona. They supply coffee to a lot of bars in Barcelona, and now have their own bar, which... Read More

Pied piper Pep Manubens has been pulling off culinary magic in this slender slot of a restaurant for the last quarter century. The formula is simple:... Read More

Created by the Camper shoe company which also opened the Casa Camper hotel next door on Elisabets Street in north El Raval, FoodBALL is a unique two... Read More

This bar only carries natural wines. The service can be slow—really slow—and the food is not excellent (too salty) but those wines make up for it all.... Read More

This restaurant opened its doors in 1786—the first restaurant in Catalonia—and 228 years later, it’s still serving great Catalan food with the same... Read More

With tables at the edge of the beach and views out into the Mediterranean, this popular, family-run seafood and rice specialist dating from the late... Read More

Can Ros is another great example of a great fork breakfast to be found in the Gracia neighborhood. The menu features perfect sandwiches, rich entrée... Read More

I love this quiet and cozy place, whose walls are made from weathered old bricks that give you the feeling of visiting someone’s home. The menu is huge,... Read More

This Barcelona institution has just a handful of tables and a single long counter. Take a seat at the vintage bar, and try such delicacies as... Read More

Like so many other notable modern-day chefs, Abellan started out in the kitchen of El Bulli—and has since built his own culinary empire. The first piece... Read More

Gaig is the most respected chef in Catalonia when it comes to traditional Catalan cuisine. His macarrons (macaroni), cap i pota (a dish incorporating... Read More

The most important woman in Catalan cuisine, Ruscalleda is also the female chef with the most Michelin stars in the world. Carme first changed the male... Read More

Order the saucy albóndigas with a glass of vermú de (vermouth on tap) slid across the antique onyx counter at Casa Alberto, in a building... Read More

The taberna stocks the latest emerging vintages (try wines from the Madrid region). Read More

In 1974, restaurateur Lucio Blásquez opened this eponymous two-story restaurant specializing in Castilian cuisine prepared in a coal-fired oven,... Read More

Casa Mariol only serves its own brand of cava, but don't be put off by the limited selection—it’s quite good. Servers speak English, and are happy to... Read More

An old-fashioned sweet shop established in 1842, Casa Mira is renowned for its homemade turrón, a traditional Christmas nougat made with almonds,... Read More

Here, concealed within an old grocery store, is an eating nook so festooned with comestibles one feels trapped inside a gaudy Andalusian Baroque altar.... Read More

In a sleepy hamlet 35 miles west of Alicante, the chef at Paco Gandía layers rice in a pan the size of a bicycle tire, along with rabbit,... Read More

The service at Casa Paloma is excellent, the menu is outstanding (they serve the best tartare in Barcelona, and try the Angus steak, too—it melts in... Read More

Batter-fried bacalao is crispest at Casa Revuelta, a tatty dive frozen in time off the stern, arcaded Plaza Mayor, the heart of Hapsburg Madrid. Read More

Cata 181 is a great place to get a thorough introduction to cava. My favorites on the menu are Colet Navazos (both the taste and smell of it are simply... Read More

Known for its market-sourced Mediterranean cuisine, Chantarella is headed by chef-brothers Álvaro and Enrique Díaz. The brothers opened... Read More

First opened in 1894, Chocolatería San Ginés is renowned for its churros con chocolate — deep fried pastries served with a cup... Read More

Since 2004, the Canadian-Catalan Artal family has engineered a big success in this clean-lined, minimalist space, appealing to hip, young locals with... Read More

A hybrid newcomer—part bar, part restaurant, part café—where the kitchen prepares creative riffs on Spanish classics. Clandestino has... Read More

The opening pun (comer, “to eat,” and Carrer Comerç) is fair warning that Carles Abellán is out to play with your mind and... Read More

Located in Gracia, the youngest neighborhood in town, Con Gracia deserves considerably more fame than it currently enjoys, but maybe that's part of the... Read More

I really like this place, located in Gracia, the youngest neighborhood in town. The decor is elegantly modern and the lighting is superb. My... Read More

This restaurant has one of the most famous bar counters in the city; though the menu served here is brief, don’t be fooled—these guys know how to cook.... Read More

Another place with a great reputation in Barcelona, Crustó has the best bread for sandwiches (this is not a joke) in town. My recommendation is to buy... Read More

Housed in the renovated Santa Caterina Market, this casual eatery serves four types of cuisine: Asian, Mediterranean, Italian, and vegetarian. Echoing... Read More

Owned by former TV chef Darío Barrio, this trendy Salamanca restaurant is set in a 19th-century coalbunker renovated by Barrio’s architect... Read More

Located on the shaded Plaza de la Paja, Delic muddles mojitos that are considered among the best in the city. Diners come to this café's outdoor... Read More

When three head chefs from the world-renowned, former-best-restaurant-in-the-world El Bulli decided to open their own place in early 2015, it didn't... Read More

This elegant bar in the one of the most beautiful—and oldest—parts of the city has a large and well-curated cava menu. After you’ve had a glass or two,... Read More

Diverxo’s David Muñoz (the youngest chef ever to helm a Michelin three-starred restaurant) continues to wow diners with his highly inventive takes on... Read More

Barcelona-born twin chefs Javier and Sergio Torres recently opened Dos Cielos to instant critical raves for their inventive riffs on Catalan food. Read More

At star power of El Bulli’s former chef de cuisine Albert Raurich's latest opening, the setup is half the fun: you enter a traditional tapas bar ... Read More

Named for Tara, the female side of Buddha and the embodiment of truth in the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Drolma—and chef Fermín Puig&mdash... Read More

After working at the Michelin two-starred El Club Allard, chef Diego Guerrero spent a year traveling the globe to seek inspiration before opening DStage... Read More

The menu features everything from simple scrambled eggs with salt cod to a decadent foie gras with Armagnac.... Read More

The cacophony is part of the charm at Cordoba's El Caballo Rojo, an incessantly popular Andalusian dining spot done in modern mujedar style in this... Read More

One of the grandest old-school tabernas is a local institution for classics such as pescado frito or tortillitas de camarones, savory crispy shrimp... Read More

A luxe salon is decorated with Andalusian tile while the stand-up tapas bar carries a more casual nautical theme. Try the zesty gazpacho-like salmorejo... Read More

You can tell when a restaurant is old: People talk about when it was founded, not when it opened. The fact that this Spanish restaurant was founded in... Read More

A fantastic hideout in the gardens of the former hospital of Santa Creu, this is a perfect place to enjoy a meal in summer or spring. Special menus are... Read More

Easily the swankiest dining option at the airport, El Madroño is set outside Terminal 4’s security area—so it’s the best place... Read More

In the Barrio del Pópulo, the neighborhood favorite serves home-style tapas, including savory meatballs or toasts topped with anchovy or salmon... Read More

Since opening in 2014, El Nacional has become one of the city's hottest spots. An impressive piece of architecture, this eye-catching gastronomic venue... Read More

This modern tavern is a great place to introduce your family to the best of Catalan cooking. I like the airy, rustic décor, and the tapas-style dishes... Read More

This Salamanca's Recoletos neighborhood restaurant debuted in 2004, serving Asturian (Northern Spanish) cuisine, stews, and fresh seafood. Unusual... Read More

Serving an eclectic menu in keeping with its dynamic décor, El Pinton suits atypical palettes in an Instagram-ready space. Located inside a former... Read More

Everything at this Boquería Market stall is exalted, especially the llanqueta, tiny fried fish served with eggs. Read More

Take a high-speed catamaran or the slower vaporcito across the bay to lively Puerto de Santa María for peel-and-eat shellfish and pescado frito.... Read More

Family-run spot popular with locals for its classic half-sandwich of grilled sardines topped with guindillo pepper ($2). The tart Bodegas Solagüen... Read More

This traditional fish restaurant is just a ten-minute walk from the city center. There is no "taint" of modernity here, just classic, old-school dishes... Read More

Among the old fishermen’s houses of Barceloneta, this sepia-toned cervecería is full of local sea dogs and other salty types who come for... Read More

Tucked away on a narrow street in the Lavapiés neighborhood, this tiny restaurant serves Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the Spanish coast and... Read More

Since 1929, this El Born district bar has been serving tapas such as patatas bravas, fresh anchovies in vinegar, and butifarra, a Catalan sausage. ... Read More

Sherries drawn straight from barrels are accompanied by Andalusian olives and nuts roasted in a wood-burning oven. Read More

Order the terrific $17 lunch (a glass of vino included), where the velvety melon gazpacho followed by arroz negro studded with cuttlefish or a perfect... Read More

This is simply the best restaurant in Barcelona when it comes to fish. The place itself is stunning, especially in spring when you can sip a great glass... Read More

I love this place. The décor makes you feel like you’re having a drink in someone's Catalan home.  The whole place has an old-school flavor; the... Read More

This convivial restaurant run by local celebrity restaurateur Enrique Becerra conjures up the true spirit of traditional Andalusian design, cuisine, and... Read More

A time-honored institution for over a decade, Eslava serves Seville’s most popular tasty tapas with a twist. Located in the village-like San Lorenzo... Read More

Pastry pioneer Jordi Butrón keeps his cool gray, 30-seat, minimalist atelier packed with fans of his all-dessert three- and five-course tasting... Read More

This molecular-gastronomy restaurant is pretty inimitable. Since 2000, Espai Sucre has served only sweet dishes: they call themselves “the only dessert... Read More

Located inside the stylish Hotel Urban, the 45-seat dining room at Europa Decó combines Art Deco—style design (including a gilt chimney)... Read More

Located 345 feet above ground, this Michelin one-starred restaurant is housed in a large glass dome atop the Hesperia Tower hotel, just five minutes... Read More

El Bulli's Ferran Adrià, the chef who helped put Spain on the culinary map, has set his sights on the burger joint. His Fast Good serves quick... Read More

This great chef represents the best of Catalan cooking, with an approach that has embraced traditional recipes and techniques and made them popular... Read More

This new brasserie from Barcelona’s hautest chef, Carles Gaig, is perfection, from the sprawling room that’s both cozy and cool to the nuevo... Read More

Probably the best Catalan restaurant in the city, this Michelin-starred spot combines an elegant decor and a sublime menu (don’t miss the monkfish and... Read More

This bakery finds its purpose in turning out perfect loaves of bread made from very old Catalan recipes. (That said, the bakers here are also always... Read More

The smell of this bakery is something really special. They treat bread as our grandparents used to: as a precious gift that’s almost too special to eat... Read More

Famous for bacony shrimp brochettes Read More

This meringue-white L’Eixample storefront belongs to Rafa Peña, the 32-year-old current leader of Spain’s bistronomic movement.... Read More

This brand new restaurant/bar/café is inside the sprawling 10,000-square-foot space formerly occupied by the historic cafe Riofrio, and overlooks the... Read More

For contemporary Catalan cuisine, consider the tasting menu at Michelin-starred Hisop. Located in the Eixample neighborhood, this is a special occasion... Read More

I adore this place. The cooking is fresh, daring and delicious—and different from anything else you’re likely to find in Barcelona. The chef, Oriol... Read More

A restaurant and hotel run by Lola Puig and her husband, Ferran Frigola. They have transformed the homey restaurant Puig’s parents ran for many... Read More

This bakery offers excellent bread and fine pastries—but its cakes are truly incredible. In Barcelona, Sunday is the day when locals buy a special... Read More

A favorite haunt of the literary set, this retro 1970's-era restaurant and bar - note the fantasy-forest décor - prides itself on classic (and... Read More

In the past few years, this restaurant has established a reputation as a good Italian place with both Catalan and international touches—in addition to a... Read More

Feed your jamón addiction at the new branch of the venerated Ibérico ham specialist. Read More

This French-inspired restaurant is great for a late dinner and is just a short walk from plenty of tourist spots in the city center. I love the monkfish... Read More

This is tapas for grown-ups who like to sit down—if they can get a seat (reservations are a must). A huge bar takes up much of the main dining... Read More

This starkly handsome gray-stone–and–dark-wood shrine to raw fish is locted in the plush Hotel Wellington. Kabuki Wellington’s chef... Read More

Chef Nacho Romero, originally from Valencia, has worked in top kitchens throughout Spain and Switzerland. In this stylish, modern space, he shines with... Read More

20 kinds of Mediterranean sea creatures—from humble sardines to live langoustines—glisten on ice, awaiting a gentle bath in hot olive oil or... Read More

Don’t miss chefs Montse Moreno and Xavi Manero’s 14-person get-togethers. Best dish: Iberian pork confit. Read More

Try the ethereal lacy fritura of baby squid. Read More

Part industrial-looking art gallery, part cooperatively run, vegetarian-friendly café (try the house-made spinach ravioli), La Báscula has... Read More

Paco Quirós's third restaurant in Madrid in five years reveals that the trend for northern Spanish food shows no sign of slowing down. The gorgeous,... Read More

Located on a quiet side street just north of the Teatro Real (Royal Theatre), this family-owned tavern is renowned for its signature cocido madrile... Read More

Located in the basement of the Hotel Miguel Angel, La Broche opened in 2000 under star chef Sergi Arola (a disciple of Ferran Adrià). Arola has... Read More

Day or night, a queue forms down a narrow street in central El Arenal for La Brunilda, a cozy tapas bar specializing in elevated versions of traditional... Read More

Gambas al ajillo (garlic shrimp) has been a specialty at the tiled taberna for some 100 years. Read More

Savor the decadent canapé of whipped blue cheese and cured-duck ham at La Castela, which still generously honors the ritual of serving a free... Read More

A 70-year-old pintxos bar specializing in Jabugo ham. Light meal for two $36. Read More

The perfect Sunday lunch means a seat at the counter and a plate of La Clara’s canelons de la casa (house cannelloni). Read More

A classic bodega in every sense of the word, La Cova Fumada is a small, unassuming, family-run eatery serving authentic Spanish cuisine. The restaurant... Read More

Join the businessmen and fishermen for lunch or an apertivo at this wonderfully airy spot known for its tortillas (Spanish-style omelets) and montaditos... Read More

A weathered 1940’s zinc bar with beautiful azulejos of orange groves on the walls. And to eat, freshly baked Antequera rolls stuffed with salt... Read More

If it’s a night when you feel like dancing, this is the place to come for dinner. It’s noisy, funny and crowded (not recommended for romantic dates),... Read More

The perfect place to take an evening meal after strolling around El Born—Barcelona's “hipster” neighborhood, with the city’s most modern shopping and... Read More

If your kids love pizza (and don’t all children love pizza?) this Italian place is the perfect family restaurant for you. La Gondola serves excellent... Read More

This brand-new place has a beautiful location on one of the city’s best beaches: Bogatell beach. It also has a distinctive menu, which includes very... Read More

For a quiet, elegant meal, this restaurant offers an unbeatable combination: a perfect location in the old Barcelona port, perfect service, and splendid... Read More

This family-run classic is known for using seasonal delicacies—autumnal wild mushrooms, salt cod during Lent, local tuna in high summer—and... Read More

El Bulli–trained chef Roger Martínez takes rice on a global adventure at his Eixample spot. Can’t choose between the classic Catal... Read More

The taberna offers a warm salad of partridge and bitter greens scattered with pomegranate seeds. Read More

Standouts at the bustling restaurant and pizzeria include the classic tomato, mozzarella, and basil, as well as the “perico” (pear and jam... Read More

This is a relaxed and cozy bar that serves some of the best sandwiches in the city. It’s worshiped by the neighbors and is frequented primarily by... Read More

Akin to (but a bit more polished than) the Sbarro chain found in many American airports, this cafeteria-style eatery serves up Italian fast-food staples... Read More

Inside the tiled Barri Gòtic bodega, order fried sardines and the refreshing tomato-and-onion salad that inspired a similar dish at Inopia. Read More

Chef Alexis Peñalver opened this bar a few years ago. Perhaps since it's located in front of a famous market—La llibertat, in the very hipster... Read More

The restaurant serves traditional Catalonian seafood dishes at a reasonable price. Read More

Elegant wooden pillars and painted tiles divide the zinc-topped bar from the formal seated dining room at this Goya neighborhood restaurant. The... Read More

Located on a side street off the Gran Via, this small, intimate restaurant serves creative Spanish cuisine from chef-owner Juanjo López. The tiny... Read More

Taverna—which resembles a dozen other barrio bars, with Ronaldinho kicking the ball on the tele suspended above the long marble counter—has... Read More

Order tortilla española—runny like a good omelette and slathered with house-made red sauce ($2)—and chase it with the neighborhood... Read More

A block away from Parque Retiro in the upscale Chamberí neighborhood, this corner Italian restaurant is decorated in soft off-whites, Tuscan... Read More

Housed in a former dairy, La Vaquería de Suiza (The Swiss Dairy) smartly changed nothing about the original structure, with its unfinished cement... Read More

Vaunted chef Juan Mari Arzak orders braised lamb’s feet blanketed with a glossy tomato sauce. Read More

After a day of sight-seeing, grab a drink on the patio at this tapas bar in the shadow of the Santa Maria del Mar church. Noted for its chef Isma... Read More

The wine menu of this bar is remarkable and—again—the prices are reasonable, but the real secret is its location: it's in the heart of El Born, the... Read More

Designed by Christian Liaigre, the Lágrimas Negras restaurant is furnished with muted dark-wood furniture, slatted blinds, and low-hung lights... Read More

Hardly a week goes by without a new restaurant opening in the über-hip Sant Antoni neighborhood, which is quickly turning into Barcelona's new gastro... Read More

Imagine an old neighborhood joint updated in white Corian for the hipster generation and you’ve got Las Olas. The standout seafood tapas are... Read More

This gem in the arsenal of every businessman and artist in town is nevertheless missed by many tourists. Inside the modern, uncluttered Scandinavian... Read More

Managed by acclaimed chef Martín Berasategui, this Michelin two-starred restaurant is located in the Hotel Condes de Barcelona, which comprises... Read More

Known more for its wine selection than its Mediterranean menu, this lunch-only bistro is located on the mezzanine of a Salamanca wine shop that stocks... Read More

Lhardy is a grand 19th-century museum piece famous for its burnished interiors and cocido (boiled dinner). To start, a smoky beef consommé,... Read More

You really can't go wrong with Llamber. Great food, delicious cocktails, elegant decor and excellent service have made it one of Barcelona's most... Read More

Rub elbows with art-world insiders in an interior designed by Pascua Ortega. Try the tuna tartare with chive-flecked guacamole. Read More

Situated in Barcelona's new gastro district of Sant Antoni, Lolita Taperia is owned by a former colleague of the city's most renowned chefs, brothers... Read More

My favorite bar in Barcelona (and I love bars), the London Bar first opened its doors in El Raval in 1910. Over the years, it served as a hangout for... Read More

In La Macarena, an authentic, youthful district steps from the cultural center, sits Lonja de Feria, one of Europe’s oldest marketplaces. Dating back to... Read More

This restaurant with a wine store inside has become a trendy spot that functions extremely well in a crowded part of town. It has a cozy ambience ... Read More

This no-frills taberna in the Chamberí district is the unofficial clubhouse for the capital’s food and art crowds, and chef, journalist,... Read More

My favorites at this classic restaurant, which never disappoint, are the salmon and monkfish carpaccio and the escalivada (a cold dish of roasted... Read More

With only four tables, calling ahead is necessary for this bright tapas bar. Located near the Metro Sant Antoni stop, this spot specializes in... Read More

Compact and cool, Mamarracha is among the city’s best creative tapas eateries. The bar area, with its marble counter, distressed walls, and aquamarine... Read More

A manairó is defined in Catalan as a Pyrenean elf who might secretly complete a cobbler’s work overnight—and owner-chef Jordi Herrera... Read More

The critics can't stop raving about this new eatery in the up-and-coming Poble Sec neighborhood of Barcelona. There was a time not too long ago when all... Read More

Manolete is a tapas place—nothing more, nothing less—and an excellent example of traditional cuisine in Barcelona. Their menu highlights classic... Read More

Take a break from tradition at Maquila Bar, providers of top-notch craft beer and creative tapas in the hip Almadea de Hercules neighborhood. One of... Read More

This pleasant brasserie also serves very good cocktails—so it’s a great choice if you want to have both dinner and drinks at the same spot. The... Read More

It's easy to see why Barcelonians choose Martinez for their special occasions. The food is good, but it's really all about the setting—with its... Read More

The quiet dining room in L’Eixample experiments with a cuisine at the intersection of Vietnam, New Orleans, and Catalonia. The result: lamb... Read More

Renovated into a multi-stall contemporary food hall in 2014, the riverside Mercado Lonja del Barranco has retained its striking original steel cast... Read More

This waterfront classic has managed to remain strong through difficult times and is guaranteed to serve you good food at a very affordable price. El... Read More

The best thing about this place is not the coffee (in fact, the coffee isn't very good) but the bar, founded in 1909, which is so atmospheric that you’d... Read More

Enter the converted 19th century mill (molino is Spanish for mill) through a tunnel, and order from a menu of Castilian dishes cooked in a wood-burning... Read More

The Mandarin Oriental in Barcelona has always been a good place to eat. They have a couple of great restaurants and one of these is Moments, which... Read More

Overlooking the marina in Port Vell, Mondo is an upscale seafood restaurant by day and a laid-back dance club by night. Located on the top floor of the... Read More

Computer screens light up with the 3,500-label wine list at Monvínic, a wine bar and restaurant featuring communcal tables and an unfinished oak... Read More

This is, quite simply, the largest and most ambitious wine bar in the city, in Spain, and possibly in all of Europe. They serve thousands of wines—just... Read More

The ever-creative Roca brothers have made the Zen-like restaurant in the Hotel Omm a local favorite for haute Catalan cuisine (think, slow-cooked baby... Read More

With its urban-chic décor and classic Catalan dishes such as a salad of tuna belly with Montserrat tomatoes. Read More

The museum holds a modest restaurant, decorated with old black iron hydraulic olive presses and several scales. Read More

It may not look like much, but Cisne Azul, steps from Plaza de Chueca, is a mecca for all sorts of exotic mushrooms (to eat, that is). Despite the divey... Read More

Grabbing a quick bite between flights doesn’t have to mean eating unhealthily. These cafés offer fresh-made salads, sandwiches, and juices,... Read More

Often named among the best seafood restaurant in Spain, O’Pazo is owned by Evaristo Garcia, who also runs Pescaderías Coruñesas, a... Read More

Located beside the art gallery Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza, Paradís serves Mediterranean seafood dishes and hosts themed culinary workshops about... Read More

This is probably the best pastry shop in town. The owner, Christian Escribà, is highly esteemed baker in Barcelona, and his level of care shows... Read More

This is Mey Hofmann’s home and easily one of the best places for croissants in town—in fact, it’s the best one, if you ask me. Hofmann is a cake master... Read More

The boho café near El Born is so green that even the beer is organic. The earthy spelt bread dunks superbly into the saucy meatballs enriched... Read More

Pepito is my favorite on this list of newcomers because I’m a sandwich lover. The name refers to a sandwich made with a chunk of tender steak served... Read More

Located inside in a former bank building, this vast, multi-space, all-day restaurant serves a global menu that includes burgers, pizzas, risottos, steak... Read More

This is the home of Nando Jubany, one of the brightest stars in a new generation of Catalan chefs. Jubany recently opened a restaurant in Singapore... Read More

I love this chiringuito set in La Barceloneta—a fishermen’s neighborhood that’s especially stunning in autumn or spring (the sunset is really something... Read More

There are lots of brunch spots in Barcelona these days, but none is more popular than Picnic. Maybe it's the size of the mouthwatering chipotle and... Read More

Offers some two dozen sparkling wines by the glass-just right with the fines de claire oysters from bivalve and caviar purveyor Daniel Sorlut (#67). Read More

A Barcelona institution, Bar Pinotxo is located inside the Mercat de la Boqueria. This small tapas bar is owned and operated by Juanito Bayen. The... Read More

Elevating the concept of a food court to an astonishing level, Platea offers a quick snapshot of food and drink trends in Madrid. Set in a renovated and... Read More

The gratinéed macaroni timbale by chef Carles Gaig, of the Michelin-starred Gaig, will go a long way toward easing the pain of departure. Read More

Neither folksy nor funky nor fashionable, this brightly bourgeois bar swathed in polished wood is attached to the restaurant inside the Santiago _Bernab... Read More

The name means “dark door,” but stepping in off the sultry streets into the over-the-top baroque salon—be it for coffee or the... Read More

Though its tables and terrace are often populated by members of Madrid's monied celebrity set, the surprise here is what a great value the... Read More

The only Mexican restaurant in Spain to have a Michelin star, chef Roberto Ruiz's Punto MX has become a major food attraction in the city and frequent... Read More

There is no question that this bar is a classic, but it is also tucked inside another classic: the Boqueria market. Indeed, La Boqueria was recently... Read More

Patrons stand elbow-to-elbow at this tiny bustling tapas bar just off of Pral Lel. With walls of shelves filled with wine, this fifth generation... Read More

Quimet &Quimet opened in 1914 and has been a classic ever since. The culinary principles here are simple: only the best quality ingredients are used... Read More

With two Michelin stars and room for just 25 diners, this is a great spot for a romantic celebration. Freixa’s innovative cooking reveals his Catalan... Read More

This Philippe Starck-designed madrileño favorite serves a delicious Wagyu-beef carpaccio. Read More

A multilevel, multifunctional Philippe Starck–designed fun house—it’s really two restaurants, a basement dance club, and a throbbing... Read More

For more than 80 years, Can Ravell has been selling gourmet food products at its delicatessen and grocery. A seasonal menu brings in patrons... Read More

It might seem odd for me to include a restaurant, but the dessert menu at Abac is uniquely exceptional (the food menu is pretty great, too). I love the... Read More

Any space-age granny would be proud of the classic lunchtime arroz (rice) pushed into the stratosphere by a discreet touch of foie gras and near... Read More

This Catalan, Michelin-starred restaurant was founded by chef-owner Carles Gaig’s great grandmother, in 1896. Originally located in Horta at a... Read More

The world’s oldest operating restaurant, founded in 1725, Restaurante Botín still roasts suckling pig and lamb in the original oak-fired,... Read More

 Reserve a table at Restaurante Elkano one of the most celebrated asadores in Spain. At this family-run place on the Basque coast, they work with... Read More

The mini-hamburguesas with caramelized onions are some of the best burgers in the world. Read More

Igueldo is a Basque restaurant run by actual Basque people (believe me, this is not always the case in Barcelona) and the food is simply outstanding ... Read More

These may be the best views in the city because the restaurant is actually up in the mountains—but don't worry, it’s only 15 minutes by cab from the... Read More

The seafood is excellent and the setting romantic at this restaurant on a hidden stone terrace in the Old Town. Read More

Chef Willy Moya serves an olive-oil inflected tasting menu at this Seville restaurant. Read More

Located inside the Hesperia Madrid hotel, this Michelin two-starred restaurant was opened in 2001 by acclaimed Spanish chef Santi Santamaría.... Read More

Atxen Jiménez, the gorgeous sixtysomething grande dame of Spanish gastronomy, is the magnetic star of this busy, clean-lined dining room on the... Read More

Barcelona’s sophisticated set comes for the classic Catalan fare, such as fluffy buñuelos de bacalao (cod fritters) and Iberian suckling... Read More

Four-poster beds and views of Gaztetape Beach. Read More

The décor here is inspired by the Styrofoam coolers used to transport meat—and surprisingly, it manages to look artful. Sala de Despiece is all about... Read More

Pizza? In Spain? Absolutamente. If the toppings include delicious sobrasada sausage and the slowly fermented sourdough crust is featherlight. The... Read More

Dinner for two $91. Read More

Located in the Ohla Hotel, near Avinguda Diagonal, the Michelin-starred Saüc (named after the elderberry plant) offers a short menu alongside three... Read More

The current insider favorite among Madrid’s food and wine elite, Senzone, at the new Hospes hotel in Barrio de Salamanca, brings together the... Read More

Madrid’s gastronomic god Sergi Arola opened this low-key long, earth-toned space that seems oddly sedate for a rocker turned chef. The tasting... Read More

The bulls in Sixtina’s ceiling paintings have been inspired by the nearby Altamira caves. They turn up on the menu as well in the form of... Read More

Order the messy, spicy, tomatoey snail casserole as you peruse the faded bullfighting posters. Read More

Known for its namesake drink - arguably the best in Europe - ... Read More

Since it opened in 2012, Suculent, set in a laid-back locale in the edgy Raval district, has become one of Barcelona's established local favorites.... Read More

Celebrating his 10th anniversary in the kitchen, Argentine chef Estanis Carenzo continues to deliver what many chefs and food critics consider the best... Read More

All cool brushed steel, slatted wood, and black slate, Sula is such a white-hot celebrity hangout one can forget that the joint is actually owned by... Read More

Known for its waterfront view, this Barceloneta port restaurant brings in ingredients fresh from the fish market, located a mere 100 meters away. Housed... Read More

On a quiet corner off one of La Latina’s busy tapas-hopping thoroughfares, Almendro 13 is far from undiscovered—in fact, it buzzes. But that... Read More

Order featherlight tempura of baby vegetables highlighted with a sweet-tart reduction of sherry vinegar. It seems incongruous, feasting on truffled beef... Read More

Traditional dishes like serrano suckling pig and sautéed garbanzo beans are specialties at this restaurant in Córdoba. Read More

Just off Passeig de Gracia, the city’s Art Nouveau shopping street, Tapaç 24 is great for a breakfast of bocadillos (sandwiches) and cafe... Read More

Do the prefix dinenr of eclectic cuisine served around the communal table at the arty yet homey spot. Read More

Can't find reservations in all of Barcelona?There’s always the stupendous mound of fried rabbit and caramelized garlic at the rustic gem called... Read More

Terrasa Alaire is an excellent choice for an outdoor dinner on a budget, with its excellent tapas menu and a well-chosen list of wines, but even better... Read More

One of the newest stars in Barcelona's culinary sky, this contemporary bistro inhabits a visually impressive space on the ground floor of a new boutique... Read More

The first new venture of world-famous chef Ferran Adrià after he announced the closure of El Bulli (at the time considered the world's best restaurant),... Read More

This is simply one of the best tables in the city. Albert Adrià’s "tapas with a twist" are always a sure bet in Barcelona, and the restaurant itself—a... Read More

The patatas bravas at Tomas are the best in town (and among the best in all of Spain). The secret is in the way the potatoes are cooked here: when... Read More

Industrial in style with hints of rustic appeal, Torres y Garcia specializes in regional ingredients prepared in an open wood oven. The roomy restaurant... Read More

This is possibly the biggest underdog in Barcelona when it comes to excellence in cooking. The chef, Isidre Soler, has worked with the best cooks in... Read More

This updated version of a traditional casa de comidas is a consistent favorite among the city’s chefs and their foodie followers. Triciclo is known for... Read More

Tuset is home cooking at its best. Try the bacallà a la llauna (cod with beans, cooked to perfection with wine and spices) or the calçots (a seasonal... Read More

The Valhalla of fresh-anchovy dishes. Read More

A fine-dining institution since 1967, Via Veneto uses fresh ingredients from the Mediterranean coast in its authentic Catalan cuisine. Helmed by... Read More

Chef Paco Ron's restaurant combines a lively tapas bar with a handsome basement dining room in various shades of gray. Critics are once again smitten... Read More

More of a shop than a bar, Vila Viniteca is outstanding. Like many other venues in Barcelona, the store has a tasting area, and is a great place to see... Read More

A large selection of Iberian wines by the glass—along with tapas, charcuterie plates, pâtés, and canapés—soothe flight... Read More

For a more casual feast, Catalunyans spend leisurely evenings sampling an array of tapas in the cozy wood-beamed pub. Read More

Owned by self-taught chef and film historian Abraham García, this small Mediterranean restaurant is named after a 1961 Luis Buñuel movie.... Read More

This restaurant is a Barcelona classic and a fantastic excuse for a great meal. Its cooking is based on an absolute respect for old-school Catalan... Read More

This small restaurant near Montjuc transports diners to Venice with its authentic Italian fare. The menu includes homemade pastas, seafood, including... Read More

This beachside restaurant is the place to go to for paella in Barcelona in the warm weather months. Because it is so well known for its rice dishes, it... Read More

The restaurant features a blend of seafood and fresh countryside ingredients and is helmed by a local celebrity cookbook author. Read More

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