Things to Do in Southwest France

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Bookstore has literature and architecture books that really help one understand the region. Read More

With spiritual tourism on the rise, the sacred grotto of Lourdes is experiencing a revival. The sacred spring was discovered by 14-year-old Bernadette... Read More

Île de Ré is the only place in France where everything works, nothing tacky offends the eye, no one serving you is in a bad mood, and you... Read More

France’s premier designer and distributor of Basque linens. Read More

This restaurant is exactly as it was in 1872; the waitresses are very unpleasant - which is just as it should be. Read More

Take a bike ride to the spa for a seawater treatment. Read More

The large, iron St. Michael’s Gate, at the end of the boulevard, topped by statues of three archangels, marks a clean break from the pilgrim trap. Read More

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