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y express the culture of each country, city, or region.The list was curated by James Beard Award-winning writer Besha Rodell, who has been reporting on... Read More

Hiša Franko, chef Ana Roš’ serene farmhouse restaurant in Kobarid, Slovenia, is a major incentive for travelers to venture outside the capital city of... Read More

It's hard to believe, what with Croatia's status as a destination du jour (see: beachgoers, yacht-week revelers, "Game of Thrones" superfans) that... Read More

Skiing is an expensive hobby. But, with a bit of planning (and perhaps an impulsive purchase), it could become more affordable to jet off and hit the... Read More

The only thing more fairytale-like than a castle is a castle perched on a 400-meter cliff that’s built around the entrance of a natural cave. Oh, and... Read More

With summer just around the corner, you might want to think about taking a hike to get into the great outdoors.While there are trails you can hit around... Read More

Grab your handlebars, cyclists. No, not the ones on your bike. The ones on your face.A guided bicycle ride through the capital city of Ljubljana,... Read More

Most travelers know that learning a new language can be tough, but there are some words out there that can really throw you for a loop.Especially when... Read More

This story originally appeared on Melania Trump‘s new status as First Lady has put the small nation of Slovenia — and the even smaller town... Read More

Slovenia is generally not the first destination that springs to mind when thinking of places to engage with nature. However, travelers should reconsider... Read More

A brief swim in a Slovenia lake, 99 steps skyward, and three rings of a bell are all it takes to achieve your wildest dreams.At least, so goes the... Read More

This story originally appeared on A star of Chef's Table Season 2, Ana Ros runs Hiša Franko in the Slovenian countryside with... Read More

This story originally appeared on Money.Related: All the Best Valentine’s Day Restaurant Freebies, Deals, and SpecialsZalec, a small town in central... Read More

Tucked in Slovenia’s heart-breakingly picturesque Doleniska region is Otočec, an area famous for its rivers, forests, vineyards, and Slovenia’s only... Read More

I may live to regret committing this piece of advice to print, but you should go to Slovenia and you should go soon, because eventually this all-but... Read More

With editing by Adrien Glover, Sarah Kantrowitz, John Newton, and Clara O. SedlakSo what if the euro is up and the dollar is down?That doesn’t mean you... Read More

It's 7 p.m. as we drive into Ljubljana, and the light is beginning to fade. Italianate buildings are painted in Easter-egg shades—butter,... Read More

Seldom has the truism about geography being destiny rung truer than in Slovenia. This spring, as war broke out in Kosovo, 350 miles to the southeast, my... Read More

In Slovenia's Capital I spent two years stationed at Aviano Air Base in Italy, during which time I became an adopted Slovene and Ljubljancan, so I was... Read More

Tucked between Italy, Austria, Hungary, and Croatia, Slovenia has all the romantic attributes you expect to find on a trip to Switzerland: cobblestoned... Read More

VIENNA AUSTRIA $236 At the 16th-century Hotel König von Ungarn (10 Schulerstrasse; 43-1/515-840;; breakfast included), just a short walk... Read More

Francewww.autoroutes.frUnusual Traffic Rules Police have the authority to collect fines of up to $455 on the spot. Drivers going more than 24 mph over... Read More

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