Things to Do in Shanghai

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1930 is a quaint treasure trove of quality, expensive vintage objects and furniture from, you guessed it, Shanghai’s swinging 30s era. Owner Gao Shiling... Read More

Co-owned by a floppy-haired DJ and purveyor of Shanghai’s oldest gay bar Studio, 390 is an energetic crossover venue that is part lounge, part nightclub... Read More

This market is a little weird. I’m not going to sugarcoat it for you. But that’s the charm. Also known as the ‘Ironic Sweater Market,’ this sizeable... Read More

Arcade is the cool hangout for Shanghai’s young, stylish crowd.  The lounge is intimate and dark, except for the flashing bulbs of retro arcade... Read More

Art and photography space hidden away in an old mansion turned industrial building. Read More

The space is located in an enclave of art studios and antique shops in a row of converted warehouses. Read More

Shanghai’s favorite entrepreneur, the Avocado Lady is a pioneering grocer who first garnered loyal customers by selling heavily discounted avocados in... Read More

This artsy boutique on Fuzhou Road near the Bund is as classic as it gets. Blue Shanghai White was founded seven years ago by Hai Chen, one of China's... Read More

This unassuming shop with a white front and simple black signage stands out on a road of fashion shops. Owner Liu Xiao Lan, a member of the Miao ethnic... Read More

This boutique is a colorful treasure trove of the textiles and clothes made by China’s Miao ethnic minorities from Guizhou and Yunnan provinces. The... Read More

Stroll the riverfront promenade known as the Bund, with its Art Deco, Neoclassical, and Beaux-Arts façades, bars and shops, and views of the... Read More

People on the quest for peace and quiet should venture to the farthest reaches and hidden corners of Century Park. Shanghai’s answer to New York’s... Read More

CHAR is an excellent, elegant steakhouse housed in the young, stylish Indigo Hotel on the southern reaches of the Bund. The only thing that impresses... Read More

Charles Philip Shanghai is a young brand focused on fashion-forward flat shoes for men and women. At its chic French Concession ‘maison,’ shoppers can... Read More

The store carries a surprising breadth of products: from reproductions of communist-era comic books to artist's backpacks. Read More

Standing for Cigars, Jazz, and Wine, CJW has been a favorite spot for wealthy businessmen to loosen their ties and wind down with a fine smoke and stiff... Read More

Claiming to be Shanghai’s ‘first jazz bar in the modern era,’ Cotton Club has a bluesy, rough-and-tumble feel. This smoky, loud, and dark live music bar... Read More

A cashmere coat is an investment that will be cherished for many winters to come. For many, that investment can exceed well over $1,000 dollars. But in... Read More

Lyndon Neri and Rossana Hu’s modern design and furniture boutique. Read More

Dong Liang opened this lovely lane-house boutique a few years ago after finding success with its Beijing flagship. The beautiful store has a thoughtful,... Read More

El Coctel’s premium tipples, posh ambience, and impeccably attentive table service consistently attract Shanghai’s most sophisticated set. The Japanese... Read More

Exception de Mixmind is often dubbed ‘China’s first designer brand.’ The label was founded by one of China’s designer queen bees, Ma Ke, who uses... Read More

Meaning “flying forward” Feiyue kungfu shoes are century-old Shanghai icons. Even if you could care less about martial arts, these comfortable canvas... Read More

The bar on the 58th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Shanghai, Pudong, with great views and a clubby vibe. Read More

The leafy, rustic French Concession is the favored destination for cutting-edge fashion and designs for the home. Read More

Built by the French in 1909, Fuxing Park is probably Shanghai’s most famous park, and for good reason. Spanning an entire city block this family... Read More

Gelin Casa is an antique store and design firm specializing in Shanghai Art Deco. Husband-wife interior design duo Leo and Vivian are passionate about... Read More

It’s all about glitz at this aptly-named bar on the sixth floor of Five on the Bund. Owned by the M Group, the bar has an Art Deco and vintage... Read More

One of Shanghai’s first high-end cocktail lounges, Glamour Bar is an institution.  The chic bar has outlived the competition due to its impeccable... Read More

Original Debut: Unveiled in 1932 by Hungarian architect L. E. Hudec (responsible for more than 60 Shanghai landmarks), Grand Cinema had Art Deco... Read More

Green Antiques is an enormous 100,000 square-foot warehouse with antiques and reproductions as far as the eye can see.  Sourced from all over China... Read More

This upmarket spa chain has locations all around Shanghai. I like to save this one for special occasions. After I wrap big projects, I’ll treat myself... Read More

Officially sanctioned by China Disabled Persons’ Federation since 2006, Blind Massage is a government-supported business that gives masseuse work to the... Read More

The shop's memorabilia merchandise includes retro vinyl Chairman Mao and Lin Biao buttons. Read More

One of the first designers to ever show at Shanghai Fashion Week back in 2003, Helen Lee became famous for balancing her signature playfulness with... Read More

Following the success of its inaugural Patong Beach club in Thailand, Hollywood opened its second “Italian-style discotheque” in Shanghai in 2011. ... Read More

Hotel supply stores are usually membership-only deals, where restaurateurs and other professional F&B folks fork over annual fees to gain access to... Read More

House of Blues and Jazz has bee rocking the Bund since 1995. Over the years, the popular venue has expanded and now includes a brasserie-style... Read More

Sisters-in-law Lin and Maybelle Hu have been trustworthy names in the local antique market since 1998. They are the authorities when it comes to the... Read More

Huashan Park is a quaint spot with lush landscaping and rolling green lawns that feels more like a community backyard than a crowded park. It’s less... Read More

Zoom around Shanghai in a vintage sidecar motorbike to get the adrenalin pumping during your stay. This group will help you explore Shanghai's hidden... Read More

Men with strong attention to detail and high style put their faith in Jack to create modern, elegant suits for their upscale wardrobes.  Jack—who... Read More

Jack Peng is where big business executives invest in timeless dress shoes. Shanghai’s king of cobblers is expensive (from $300), but he provides his VIP... Read More

This sculptural haven of 110 acres just north of Beijing Road is the perfect place to spend an afternoon. Life-size sculptures are strewn throughout,... Read More

JZ Club is Shanghai’s premier jazz club that showcases international and local musicians performing all styles of the genre from Bebop to Latin. The... Read More

Mainland China's first and only full-time stand-up comedy club that's become enormously popular since its opening in 2011. There are performances by... Read More

Since 2012, a number of great bars have opened up around formerly quiet Wuding Road in Jing’An district. Amongst this wave of new watering holes, my... Read More

The shop stocks a wonderful collection of Shanghai Deco lampshades and accents. Read More

Shanghai’s latest secret?Lane 248, a gritty, narrow street now inhabited by artsy cafés and intimate boutiques, hidden behind Taikang Road. Read More

An up-and-coming gallery and boutique run by three young artists who trained at Qinghua University's Art Academy. Read More

Lola is the place where you can take of your tie, stay late, and let loose with a very cool European crowd. Nights kick off relatively quietly in the... Read More

Long Museum West Bund is Part Two in the ambitious plan of China’s most prominent art collectors Liu Yiqia and Wang Wei. The billionaire duo fulfilled... Read More

Sitting squarely in Shanghai's premier arts district, this gallery promotes contemporary South East Asian, Buddhism-inspired artwork (the letters stand... Read More

Originally a wool factory, this industrial art park spans 36 acres, housing more than 130 artists and galleries, graphic designers, architects, film and... Read More

M97 has been Shanghai’s leading contemporary and fine art photography since 2006. The gallery represents established artists as well as supporting the... Read More

An old villa is the setting for this spa in the French Concession. A Qin brick façade and Ming-era furniture add to the authentic feel. A stream... Read More

This stunning new boutique—occupying an entire lane house with a spacious front garden in the French Concession on Changle Road—is home to a niche... Read More

Gentlemen looking for cotton dress shirts should head to Mike, who is super friendly and has honest prices. Mike cuts his perfectly tailored shirts ($15... Read More

Miss Xu is the empress of silk at the fabric market. Her shop isn’t a regular stall; it is a shoulder-high stack of hundreds of rolls of silk and only... Read More

MOCA is Shanghai’s contemporary art museum housed in a striking glass building in the heart of People’s Square. While the museum does put on solo... Read More

Stepping into Mokkos feels like taking a big, deep breath. This off-the-beaten-path Japanese whisky and shochu bar is a friendly, cozy oasis. The vibe... Read More

Monkey Champagne is the recently revamped version of the once-secret Monkey Lounge. The old lounge had a hidden entrance down Donghu Lane; today... Read More

Semisecret cocktail bar off a grungy alley with a fun, well-heeled crowd. Read More

Mu Lan Hua Ge Antique Market is the stuff of legends. This giant warehouse in the badlands of Pudong takes antiquing to a whole new level. Where else... Read More

Every Friday afternoon Shanghai’s Muslim community sets up a vibrant, bustling market on the street outside of the local mosque. Come hungry and feast... Read More

Part of the sprawling Old City God’s Temple district—also home to the Yuyuan Bazaar—Nan Fang Curio Market is a collection of stalls... Read More

The Nankeen Exhibition Hall on Changle Road in the French Concession is a must-see. The gallery-like shop is devoted to the 3,000-year-old Chinese art... Read More

A fantastic walking tour company with knowledgeable, friendly guides. Choose from a plethora of interesting historical tours, or itineraries based on... Read More

Nicole Zhang’s foray into fashion design was a gradual one. The Wenzhou native spent more than a decade doing visual merchandising for the world’s top... Read More

OCAT was established in 2005 as a community division of the He Xiangning Art Museum. It touts itself as “China’s only non-profit contemporary art... Read More

At this bookshop-café on one of the elegantly shaded streets in the French Concession, coffee addicts linger late into the night amid the Ming... Read More

Part museum, part teahouse, and part salon. Read More

Throughout its history, the Paramount building has played multiple roles, including traditional ballroom and dance club. Built in 1933, it once hosted... Read More

Pearl Lam is synonymous with the Chinese art scene. The larger-than-life fixture of the fine art world, Lam start exhibiting and promoting Chinese art... Read More

Don’t be fooled by the name. This popular market sells way more than your grandma’s pearls. The second floor hosts dozens of small shops run by talented... Read More

In People’s Park you’ll find the Shanghai Museum and the Museum of Contemporary Art. Weekdays are the best time to wander among the pine... Read More

Peter makes gorgeous wardrobe investments from leather. The young shop owner works with expert leather tailors to whip up all sorts of jackets, which... Read More

Come winter, savvy Shanghai shoppers know they won’t have to spend too much to add beautiful cashmere pieces to their wardrobe. Philip Le Bac is the... Read More

Piling Palang sells modern Chinese ceramics and stunning cloisonné with glamorous-yet-playful twists. Designer Deng Bing Bing subtly infuses elements of... Read More

Established in 2012, this renovated power plant is the first state-run museum dedicated to the contemporary arts in Mainland China. It hosts the... Read More

Cliché? Maybe a little. But after a visit to the Propaganda Poster Arts Museum, it’s hard not to want one for yourself. Maybe the museum has brainwashed... Read More

After establishing brand Neither Nor and ONEBYONE boutique in Shanghai, Qiu Hao furthered his study at Central Saint Martins in 2004 before launching... Read More

Shanghai has a handful of sculpture parks, the most famous being Jing’An Sculpture Park and Red Town. Jing’An Sculpture Park’s interesting artwork draws... Read More

Guangzhou-based designer Manchit Au is the brain behind this fresh, modern line of “luxury basics” for women. Au’s wearable, layered separates feature... Read More

Opened in 2010, Rock Bund is a contemporary art space revered as one of the most forward-thinking galleries in the city. Housed in the 1932 former... Read More

Housed in a heritage Bund-side building, this contemporary art museum was restored by David Chipperfield in 2007. With no permanent collections, it... Read More

The sleek 1,345-square-foot store, with its white oak floors and cloud-like molded walls, was developed by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma under the... Read More

Shang Xia is a niche Chinese luxury lifestyle brand with lots of cachet. Not only is it backed by Hermès, it’s and headed by a famous classical Chinese... Read More

With only three stores in the world, Shang Xia’s flagship boutique is a must-see for anyone interested in modern Chinese design. The Hermes-backed... Read More

The Shanghai Acrobatics Troupe performs here. The show is simultaneously touristy and indescribably brilliant. Read More

Shanghai Flaneur likes to think of itself as more of a “walking think-tank” than just another tour company. Developed by Katja Hellkoetter, this novel... Read More

Shanghai Gallery of Art is a venerable art center housed in a posh piece of real estate at Three on the Bund. It is arguable the most authoritative and... Read More

The most famous jazz troupe in Shanghai can be found each night playing at the legendary Shanghai Jazz Bar in the iconic Fairmont Peace Hotel. The house... Read More

This insightful museum expertly tells the history of the city's Jewish migration waves—in particular, when Shanghai welcomed 30,000 Jewish refugees... Read More

A visually dazzling display of authentic Maoist-era communist propaganda posters, as well as a popular gift shop that sells prints of the real thing. Read More

The notion of paying around $200 to hire someone to, well, help you spend even more money, seems ridiculous at first. But the hundreds of happy guests... Read More

Shanghai Sideways zips its guests around the city’s most interesting neighborhoods in motorcycle sidecars driven by expert guides. Their tours offer a... Read More

This iconic Chinese watch has been ticking since 1958. For decades it was one of the “three bigs”: status symbol items—along with a bike and radio... Read More

Towering 101 floors above the hub of the Lujiazui Finance and Trade Zone, this skyscraper contains offices, the Park Hyatt Shanghai, and places to take... Read More

The shop represents some of China's best-known contemporary artists and was the first gallery in the country to participate in major fairs such as Art... Read More

Another veteran of the Chinese art scene is ShanghART, which was established nearly 20 years ago with the mission to cultivate local Chinese art. With a... Read More

This spa in the heart of Pudong offers a modern take on ancient Chinese wellness: the vast glass-and-stone building encompasses a spa, health center,... Read More

This late-night market is famed for having lines of storefronts pedaling the crayfish that's made it famous. Stroll around long after the sun has gone... Read More

The 94th-floor toilets at Shanghai's Kohn, Pedersen, and Fox-designed landmark, known as the "bottle opener," take the title of the world's highest... Read More

Spin is Shanghai’s leading ceramic store for design aficionados. It occupies a very large two-story industrial space in Jing’An district with high... Read More

A stylish, contemporary warehouse space with pared-down simple ceramics. The packaging in wooden boxes is beautiful and thoughtful—it’s... Read More

Spin is Shanghai’s leading ceramic store, known for affordable minimalist designs with maximum aesthetic impact. Each piece is handmade in China’s... Read More

Denise Huang and her employees sew silk slippers. The elegant slip-ons come with names like Mandarin Duck and Propaganda, and each pair comes in a... Read More

Suzhou Cobblers is beautiful little boutique on the Bund that sells traditional silk-embroidered slippers and dress shoes. They use only the finest... Read More

Launched in 2002, The Pottery Workshop is best known as an international educational center for ceramic students of all levels. Its gallery and boutique... Read More

The Roof at Waterhouse offers the fine cocktails, glamour, and views of the Bund but in a more chill, intimate outdoor setting. As part of the exclusive... Read More

Dewy, well-heeled housewives swear by The Sanctuary’s fabulous facials administered with dermatological precision. But I also love this spa for its... Read More

Since launching her brand in London in 2005, Uma Wang has become one of China’s most successful designers, Her avant-garde, luxe knitwear pieces are... Read More

While Shanghai has no shortage of fine dining and local eateries, many visitors can find it intimidating or overwhelming to get an authentic taste of... Read More

This food tour company offers friendly and explanatory public or private tours, focusing on the wonderful tastes of Shanghai street food. Highlights... Read More

An excellent day trip if you're interested in the architecture and development of the city. This expansive space features five floors with intricate... Read More

This shop still produces hand-painted pictures that resemble the hand-tinted photographs from the Cultural Revolution. Read More

Xintiandi was the birthplace of the Chinese Communist Party; now this restored two-block district is defined by upscale shops and restaurants. Read More

Located in the up-and-coming South Bund area, this riverside recreational park is all about being active. In addition to a lengthy riverside running... Read More

There are cheaper options than Yanye Handmade Shoes, but I’ve yet to find another cobbler who offers better value for money. My Hermes-inspired... Read More

This rowdy bar street was once a quiet road with a handful of restaurants and bars, catering to foreign tastes. Fast forward a couple of years, and it's... Read More

YUZ Museum is an ambitious art museum privately financed by Chinese-Indonesian collector Budi Tek. Opened in May 2014, YUZ exhibits the billionaire art... Read More

Zen Massage is in a romantic, candle-lit lane house in the heart of the French Concession on Wuyuan Road. Zen’s calming ambience and massages—from... Read More

A slightly mysterious designer, Zhang Da came into the international spotlight when he designed the first collection for the Hermès-backed Chinese... Read More

Chinese designer Ziggy Chen draws on his native China to inspire his menswear collections of deconstructed, dark-colored garments. Chen’s genius lies in... Read More

Zotter, a renowned family-owned Austrian chocolate company that prides itself on producing organic and fair trade, high-quality chocolate, have opened a... Read More

Designer Wang Yiwang of unisex label Cha Gang founded Zuczug in 2002, with the aim of creating beautiful, simple and natural garments with interesting... Read More

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