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Even the most ambitious of travelers wouldn’t dream of combining a multi-day safari and a week-long island cruise – but thanks to a new initiative by... Read More

While your local beach may be just a bike ride, train ride, or car ride away, the idea of the sitting upon the Caribbean’s warm white-sand shores... Read More

Travelers often flock to Africa and the Middle East to visit rich cultural treasures and sites. But those who journey to the regions’ dreamscape islands... Read More

When you think about the most beautiful places on earth, images of pristine white sand beaches on remote tropical islands often come to mind. And while... Read More

Sometimes even a digital detox isn’t enough — you need solitude and silence. From the Indonesian archipelago to the lochs of Scotland to the middle of... Read More

This article originally appeared on The Seychelles is stepping up its efforts to protect dolphins, turtles and other rare marine... Read More

Millennials have a new way to travel in style when Air France’s new airline Joon starts operating flights this Friday, December 1. Made for fliers... Read More

After a weekend wedding in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, newlyweds Julianne Hough and Brooks Laich are spending the first part of their honeymoon in the... Read More

“It is like you are in the Garden of Eden,” said one Travel + Leisure reader about the Seychelles, an archipelago of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean... Read More

Suspended in the Indian Ocean, miles east of Kenya and north of Madagascar, is a 115-island archipelago so beautiful, early British explorers... Read More

Arguably the best part of getting married, aside from spending the rest of your life with the person you love of course, is taking your honeymoon.... Read More

For most of us, running out of toothpaste is easily remedied by a quick trip to the local drugstore. For Kirsten and Carl Dixon, owners of the... Read More

Built in 1870, the cliff-edge saltwater swimming pool of the Hotel du Cap Eden-Roc in the south of France has been the centerpiece of that fabled... Read More

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The 1970’sThe traveler’s map sure looked different in T+L’s first decade. Future hot spots like Shanghai, Prague, Moscow, and Saigon were still well... Read More

Vera Gordon, a retired educator in Brooklyn, New York, is a garden-variety traveler. Literally. Like more and more botanically minded tourists, she’s... Read More

Hotels/Resorts Cities Islands Spas Tour Operators Cruise Lines Airlines Car-Rentals Main Page Top Islands: The SeychellesNATURAL ATTRACTIONSA full 46... Read More

See our slideshow of Do-It-Yourself “Amazing Race” Adventures.One step off a platform and it’s 200 feet straight down. Strapped into a harness and... Read More

After two days at Two Bunch Palms Resort & Spa in Desert Hot Springs, California, you feel as if you've had 10 days' vacation. This luxurious,... Read More

Welcome to our country. Now pay up This summer, Mexico began collecting $15 from everyone who flies into the country, except those going to towns within... Read More

Of course Banyan Tree Seychelles has satellite uplinks, but do you really need to phone home when you're this far out in the Indian Ocean?On the... Read More

"WE ARE EXTREMELY PRIVATE," warned carl henderson, the general manager of Frégate Island Private, a new resort in the Seychelles.In previous jobs,... Read More

There's a full moon over the Seychelles, and the native inhabitants of Cousine Island are getting frisky. Under a canopy of palm trees, two giant male... Read More

Edited by Amy FarleyWe partnered with Conservation International to develop a comprehensive green-hotel assessment test to learn what properties around... Read More

I am not new to the Seychelles. I visited the islands back in February 1979, when I was given the rather plummy assignment of accompanying the Sports... Read More

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