Seychelles Travel Guide

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On the list of the world’s most romantic destinations, the Seychelles are about as close as you can get to the top. Located in the Indian Ocean off the coast of East Africa, the cluster of 115 islands is a mix of populated ports and never-inhabited coralline islets. Travelers visit the Seychelles for the culture of its capital city of Victoria and the pristine beaches only reachable by private yacht. Travel to the Seychelles and hike along its rugged granite cliffs or simply relax in the surf and sand. Thinking of traveling to the Seychelles? Let Travel + Leisure’s Seychelles travel guide show you the way.

Things Not to Miss in the Seychelles

• A ride between ports on the inter-island ferry
 • A view from above on a helicopter ride over the islands
 • A stroll through Victoria’s Public Market
 • A tour the L’Union Estate & Copra Factory, a historic coconut plantation

When to Go to the Seychelles

Travelers planning to visit the Seychelles should consider the effect that two monsoon seasons have on the area’s climate. The southeast monsoon season hits each May through September and brings with it cool breezes and cloudy skies. The northwest monsoon season means clear skies and clear waters, along with high temperatures and, at times, rain. Seychelles travel reaches a peak during July and August and during the winter holiday season through the New Year. Many travelers, however, choose to visit the Seychelles in November and April for a mix of both seasons.

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