Tips and Articles for Senegal

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Ben Hooper is determined to swim across the Atlantic Ocean.The 38-year-old British man left Senegal on Sunday to swim all the way to the coast of Brazil... Read More

To locals, the West African village at the farthest end of Petite Cote, Senegal, is known as Joal-Fadiouth. The world, however, knows it best as Shell... Read More

What brings travelers to Senegal? Many come for the chance to see the dramatic landscapes, captured by GLP Films, in person: kayaking Sine-Saloum, for... Read More

Liya Kebede: ModelLiya Kebede isn’t just another pretty face. The Ethiopian-born mother of two, who lives in New York City, is a goodwill ambassador for... Read More

On the westernmost edge of Africa's Atlantic coast, the former French colony of Senegal offers a taste of African culture with a bit of Gallic flavor.... Read More

OCCUPATION: Actor, currently seen in the FX television series The Shield HOME BASE: Los Angeles ART HOUSE: In 1997, Pounder and her husband, Boubacar... Read More

Getting ThereSouth African Airways offers nonstop, seven-hour flights from New York ( Travel agency Nouvelles Frontières organizes... Read More

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