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Local sourcing is more than a trend in the Seattle dining scene, where restaurants regularly list purveyors and farms on the menu. The city's vibrant... Read More

Local sourcing is more than a trend in the Seattle dining scene, where restaurants regularly list purveyors and farms on the menu. The city's vibrant culinary landscape is fueled by the popularity of Pike Place Market, which is filled with colorful food stalls and also houses some of the best restaurants in Seattle. Meanwhile, the Pacific Rim location lends itself to a hearty Asian food scene, and open kitchens across the city invite diners to see chefs at work. While there are a seemingly endless amount of places to eat in Seattle, some restaurants here warrant coming back again and again. Portage Bay Cafe is known for their breakfast bar and long, worth-the-wait lines for brunch; The Pink Door hosts circus and cabaret performances. And if the thought of exploring all the pop-up restaurants and food trucks sounds too overwhelming, just go to Nue, which is a street food-fueled restaurant devoted to bringing Seattleites the best under-the-radar dishes from around the world.

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  • Dick's Drive-In Restaurant

    Dick's Drive-In, founded in 1954, is Seattle’s oldest fast-food restaurant—the burgers, fresh-cut fries, hand-whipped shakes, and hot fudge sundaes... Read More

  • Goldfinch Tavern

    Ethan Stowell—one of Seattle's most famous restaurateurs—could've gone crazy with the menu for his Four Seasons-set eatery; but went with simple tavern... Read More

  • Le Pichet

    The small but mighty Le Pichet focuses on perfecting classic bistro fare, traditional charcuterie, and saucisson. The tile floors and elegant... Read More

  • Matt's in the Market

    At Matt's, expect a menu full of farm-, sea-, and ranch-fresh ingredients sourced at market stalls downstairs and vintage-meets-loft decorating touches... Read More

  • Miller's Guild

    Meat is basically worshiped at the restaurant anchoring Hotel Max, located just off the main Pike-Pine drag. And while nose-to-tail butchery may be the... Read More

  • Nue

    Street food doesn't have to come from the street. The chefs at Nue collect the best street food from around the world—from Tijuana tostilocos to... Read More

  • Paseo

    The mouthwatering aromas that emanate from this tiny Cuban restaurant have led many strollers to veer inside (even though its unassuming building looks... Read More

  • Poppy

    With its lofty dimensions, blond wood wall panels, and modern furniture, Poppy's dining room in Capitol Hill is casual place to enjoy the regional... Read More

  • Portage Bay Café

    Crowds flock to pancake Mecca, Portage Bay. All breakfast devotees should try the pancakes or French toast, and pay a visit to the breakfast bar,... Read More

  • RN74

    This is a place where you can add foie gras to anything. In a busy, not particularly elegant corner of downtown Seattle, Michael Mina's RN74 hides... Read More

  • Sitka & Spruce

    Tucked in Capitol Hill’s bustling Melrose Market, Sitka & Spruce channels both the rustic and urban aesthetic, with its open-kitchen, communal... Read More

  • Skillet Diner

    What started as a food truck has become a mini empire in Seattle, as founder Josh Henderson brings his supersized, locally-sourced diner favorites to... Read More

  • Smith

    Located on Capitol Hill's fast-growing 15th Avenue, Smith is a traditional gastropub with a homey feel—as long as you can accept quirky taxidermy and... Read More

  • Spinasse

    In a neighborhood known for adventurous cuisine and unusual preparations, Spinasse is devoted to classic food—and does it incredibly well. The northern... Read More

  • Stateside

    Chef Eric Johnson's French and Vietnamese fusion restaurant has quickly become one of Capitol Hill's most popular. The small dining area has intricate... Read More

  • Stoneburner

    Though the joint is named after the chef, Jason Stoneburner, it's a perfect name for a spot centered around stone ovens cooking flatbread pizza—some... Read More

  • Talullah's

    Though the name evokes a feeling of the gentile South, the culinary focus at this neighborhood eatery is fresh vegetables; best enjoyed on the outdoor... Read More

  • The London Plane

    There was a short time where Pioneer Square looked like a lost cause, a once-bustling historic neighborhood that had been lost to shuttered businesses... Read More

  • The Pink Door

    In the mood for a little circus with your bolognese? Aerial performers take to hoops hanging from the ceiling in this tucked-away Pike Place Market... Read More

  • The Walrus and the Carpenter

    There's a bit of Alice in Wonderland-inspired whimsy at this oyster bar—a coral-inspired chandelier, wild drawings by a local artist, and a staff that... Read More

  • The Wandering Goose

    This tiny cafe's whole raison d'être is biscuits: giant, buttery biscuits topped with brisket, fried chicken, or jam. Lines can stretch all the way to... Read More

  • Tray Kitchen

    Imagine dim sum as a style—food delivered on small trays, so diners can grab what they want as it passes. Most dishes are Asian-inspired, with spicy... Read More

  • Wild Ginger

    Popular in Seattle since Asian fusion was an exciting new form of Northwest cuisine, Wild Ginger has become a staple for downtown tourists and Symphony... Read More

  • Zig Zag Cafe

    Located halfway down an outdoor staircase that connects downtown with the waterfront, Zig Zag was home to the best bartenders in Seattle during the... Read More

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