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Cocktails crafted from housemade syrups and obscure liquors are popular in Seattle nightlife, but so are local beers crammed with the hops grown in-s... Read More

Cocktails crafted from housemade syrups and obscure liquors are popular in Seattle nightlife, but so are local beers crammed with the hops grown in-state and red wines from just across the mountains. And even when it comes to the best bars in Seattle, few establishments have a dress code that demands anything fancier than unripped jeans. With a speakeasy culture that’s brought bars like The Knee High Stocking Company and Bathtub Gin & Company to the forefront (not literally, of course, they’re still hidden away), and wild themes like the funeral home-turned-bar The Pine Box and Southern church-revival-themed bar Witness, complete with “sermons”, it’s clear that the proprietors of these watering holes are just as innovative as their mixologists.

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  • Bathtub Gin and Company

    Even if the speakeasy trend has become tired across the country, there are still quality alleyway bars well worth the cliché. Bathtub Gin is one such... Read More

  • Canon

    Not only is Canon the city's best cocktail bar, it often appears on national lists of the very finest mixology joints. Expect to wait for a seat; there... Read More

  • Damn the Weather

    In the heart of the rejuvenated Pioneer Square area, Damn the Weather exemplifies the new trend in combining craft cocktails and small bites, plus a... Read More

  • King's Hardware

    On Ballard's busiest block, King's Hardware might be the busiest stop of all. The bar is giant, with quirky taxidermy on one wall and skeeball up... Read More

  • Knee High Stocking Company

    A relic from the speakeasy era (the most recent one, not the original Prohibition era), the bar is named for the knee-high doorbell by an otherwise... Read More

  • Liberty

    Cocktails and sushi? No one ever said they couldn't go together, but it took tiny Liberty on the top of Capitol Hill to make it a popular combination.... Read More

  • The Pine Box

    What used to be a funeral home is now a high-end beer bar, with rotating taps and alcohol percentages carefully labeled. Thanks to its former life, the... Read More

  • Rob Roy

    Ask for an Old Fashioned and watch the bartender carve a ball of ice by hand before crafting your perfect cocktail. Though set among the party bars of... Read More

  • Tavern Law

    This upscale cocktail bar throws a party on the anniversary of the end of Prohibition every year—arguably the most fun night to come and revel in the... Read More

  • The Noble Fir

    Not every bar has a library, but Noble Fir's book nook takes it to the next level anyway, appealing to Northwest adventurers with guidebooks and maps.... Read More

  • Vermillion

    Call it the mullet of bars: business in the front and party in back. And the business here is art; the entire front of the establishment is an art... Read More

  • White Horse Trading Co.

    The door to this tiny British-style pub is split in half like the door to a forest cottage, but once inside, visitors will find that the whimsical... Read More

  • Witness

    Praise the lord and pass the cocktail menu. On weekend nights the owner of the Southern church revival-themed bar comes out to give a sermon to the... Read More

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