Shopping in San Miguel de Allende + Colonial Cities


Shopping here is a bit like being in downtown Manhattan. Within one block you might have an old school papeleria where they sell typing paper one she... Read More

Shopping here is a bit like being in downtown Manhattan. Within one block you might have an old school papeleria where they sell typing paper one sheet at a time across the street from a tourist shop with porkpie hats, Frida Kahlo bags, and Havana cigars. If there seems to be a shoe store on every block it’s because nearby Leon is the shoe manufacturing capital of Mexico. What’s not on every block is a place like La Calaca, which sells an assortment of classic and contemporary folk art. Camino Silvestre is another rarity, part ornithology fun house, part steampunk interiors.

San Miguel used to be known for tinwork, glass, ceramics, and pottery from Dolores Hidalgo, one-of-a-kind antiques from old haciendas, and lots of bad fine art. The local crafts are still here in plentiful supply, most notably at Artes de Mexico, but the art has improved. Plus there are interior design boutiques, young designer co-ops and printmakers, high-end and ethnic women’s clothing from Mexico City or Europe, bakeries, wine shops, and jewelry stores. Here you can find beautiful hand-made woven shawls and embroidered skirts and blouses from almost every state in the country. The galleries and furniture stores at Fábrica La Aurora are a full day excursion. Whatever you’re looking for, T+L will help you find the best shopping in San Miguel de Allende.

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  • Abrazos Boutique

    Built around fair trade textiles designed by owner Patrice Wynn, many featuring Day of the Dead motifs, you can also find colorful clothing for men,... Read More

  • Artes de México

    This is the go-to place for many designers who are remodeling homes. You'll find mostly locally made rustic furniture, tin and iron lamps, cast-iron... Read More

  • Camino Silvestre

    Visiting Camino Silvestre and its sister shop, Nectar, is like being in a quirky museum built around one-of-a-kind things ranging in style from... Read More

  • Casa Colectiva

    Though this collective between La Buena Vida Bakery, Café La Ventana, and Bodega Orgánica is on the outer ring road, it's worth the short trek. It is... Read More

  • Colors

    Come here for Frida Kahlo and Mexican iconography, Lucha Libre lamps, towels, mercury glass lamps, and happy kitsch collected or designed by owner Lee... Read More

  • El Nuevo Mundo

    This boutique sells folk art and crafts from all over Mexico, specializing in textiles and smaller gift items. They have everything from local rebozos ... Read More

  • El Pinche Grabador

    This Mexican printers' collective based in Guanajuato sells modern and original woodblock and silkscreen handmade prints and t-shirts. The name... Read More

  • Fábrica La Aurora

    In 1902 this was a textile factory and some of the original industrial machinery has been left in the renovated Fábrica La Aurora, which reopened in... Read More

  • Galleria Atotonilco

    Ceramics artist Mayer Shacter has assembled one of the largest collections of quality Mexican folk art anywhere. There's so much eye candy—religious... Read More

  • La Calaca

    The best folk art store in town, La Calaca is owned by Evita Avery, a longtime resident (and one-time museum curator) who has traveled all over the... Read More

  • La Victoriana

    This is the place to come for perfume and skincare aimed at fighting wrinkles, arthritis, and dry skin. They have pomades handmade with beeswax and... Read More

  • Luna de Queso

    This foodie landmark selling artisanal cheeses and scads of other hard-to-find items was started in the mid-2000s by a woman who had a herd of goats and... Read More

  • Mente de Cacao

    They must be doing something right because Mente de Cacao now has two locations. All they offer is chocolate in various incarnation. The raw product is... Read More

  • Mercado de Artesanías

    Behind the Mercado Ignacio Ramírez (the covered market), a descending pedestrian walkway that covers several blocks is lined with stalls selling all... Read More

  • Mixta

    This shop sells cool women's clothing by local designers, hand-woven shirts for men, jewelry, and accessories in one of the oldest buildings in San... Read More

  • Moonrise Health

    This natural health store is a little off the beaten track, but it's the place to come if you need Dr. Bonner's soap, Yogi tea, or candied ginger. They... Read More

  • Sollano 16

    Home, garden, antique, and design items brought from all over Mexico (and beyond) by owner Anne Harte have helped fuel the high-end building boom in San... Read More

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